Embed health and safety into your company DNA.

Safe365 is a digital health and safety system that enables businesses to assess, manage and improve their health and safety performance.

From compliance to proactive governance

Safe365 is transforming the health and safety practices of businesses globally, with a suite of innovative tech solutions and insights that enable stronger leadership, culture and decision making.

Intelligent health and safety system

Assess and diagnose

Complete a self-assessment to get your Safety Index score and see where you stand. Understand where your areas of exposure are (mapped against legislation and ISO standards) and establish a clear view of the progress needed to improve your score.

Report with data driven insights

Improve visibility of your health and safety status across the business, from front-line workers to team leaders, C-Suite management and the Board. Generate reports at the click of a button to demonstrate status and progress.

Improve performance

An instantly generated health and safety improvement roadmap, with prioritised actions, allowing your business to focus its time and resources on improving the most critical areas relative to your specific business.

Manage and track

Get a 360 degree view of critical daily health, safety and wellbeing data at a glance. Put the Safe365 smartphone app in the hands of your workforce to capture and participate in health, safety and well-being routines at work with inbuilt checklists and surveys.

Contractor compliance

Supply chain visibility, process alignment and assurance like never before. A digital supply chain management extension driving safety and risk leadership, improving legal compliance and generating safer behaviours across your supply chain.

Expert support

Access our suite of knowledge-based resources like tutorial videos, tips and user-guides, designed to help you navigate your health and safety journey with confidence. Our team of customer service and qualified health and safety professionals are here to help.

Why do I need Safe365?

You need Safe365 in order to look after your most important asset - your people. Every year there are more than 2.3 million workplace related deaths and over 318 million workplace accidents globally, with an annual economic impact of more than $3 trillion.

Aside from being a legal obligation for any organisation, understanding and applying the elements that protect people in the course of doing their job is critical to maintaining a healthy, productive and profitable business.

Health and safety legislation presents significant personal exposure to directors and senior management. Non-compliance can lead to fines or even imprisonment.

The business entity (known as the PCBU) is also exposed to crippling fines and stop work penalties in the event of health and safety non-compliance.

The small to medium business approach to health and safety needed a contemporary solution to respond to these challenges.

Take your first step

The first step to improving health and safety in your business? Knowing your current status.

Complete a health and safety maturity assessment with a free 21 day trial to get your Safety Index score and see where your business sits compared to others in your industry.



Trusted by businesses across four continents

Safe365 is suitable for organisations of all sizes and industries. Today, over 8,500 organisations have used Safe365 to help them achieve a more aware, enabled and effective approach to health, safety and wellbeing at work.

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