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Site Management / QR Code: Feature Release

Site Management via QR Code

This new feature gives an organisation the ability to manage and maintain real-time visibility of site sign-in and sign-outs and presents the visitor (worker, contractor or other third parties) with key information such as key access, site risk/hazard information, and other site requirements before entering the site. 

Site Management contains these new features

  • Brand new feature release to manage site sign-ins and sign-outs for real-time visibility of site activity such as team member or contractor site entry/exit.
  • New "Site Management" menu item within the Performance console left-hand navigation menu
  • Set up multiple sites, each with a description (i.e. the Site Name and Address) and notes (such as site safety requirements)
  • Once a site is set up, the user can generate a unique QR code graphic that users in the field scan with the Safe365 smartphone app
  • The organisation displays the QR code up at the desired site location
  • The Safe365 smartphone app (v2.1) now has a QR Code reader, accessed via the white QR code icon on the top left of the home screen/dashboard
  • When a smartphone user scans the QR code, it will display the site information and the user taps whether they are signing in or signing out of the site. This data is instantly transmitted to the organisations' performance console.
  • Within the performance console, within each site, organisations can see a log of all sign-in and sign-outs by the user, employer, time & date. This data can also be exported using the CSV extract feature for internal reporting requirements.
  • QR codes can be scanned and used by anyone with the Safe365 smartphone app and do not require digital 'approval' in order to access this feature.
  • This feature will be extended over the coming months to enable deeper functionality to support clients (such as lone worker alerts and checklist linking between checklists and sites).
  • QR Scanner for site sign in and sign outs
  • Real-time visibility of remote site contractor site access
Mar 31 2021

Performance Console 2.0 Release

Safe365 has released its next-generation performance console which includes multiple feature upgrades and overall improvements to the user experience including:

  • User interface improvements on all screens to increase feature simplicity for performance console users
  • Enhanced security protocols and console speed improvements
  • International date handling to improve report output accuracy & tracking
  • CSV data export speed improvements
  • Enhanced use logs on notes thread within the incident, risk/hazard, safety observation and checklist result records
  • CSV exports now contain all associated media and all notes for the record vertically for an enhanced user experience 
  • Added delete confirmation on all performance console delete buttons so users have a fail-safe for unintended delete clicks
  • New survey response rate tile on the performance console dashboard
  • App user training & qualifications recorded on Safe365 smartphone app user profile now included in 'App User CSV extract' for rapid visibility of user health & safety training and qualifications.

Checklist Zone 

Within this release, the first of a number of improvements to the checklist zone have been included with additional improvements coming in released throughout 2021 based on user feedback from the Safe365 user community. Improvements to the checklist zone within this release include:

  • A new status icon on the checklist zone home screen to show there is new data/records submitted for the checklist
  • New 'Clone and Edit' feature for all checklists to allow a user to copy an existing checklist which can then be named, edited, and saved, significantly reducing time to set up repetitive/similar checklists within the account.
  • A new alert to show escalated / non-compliant / unsafe checklist responses to ensure rapid management visibility of urgent reports
  • CSV export now includes all notes and actions associated with risk, hazard/risk, checklist response, or safety observation records
  • CSV export now includes full address not just Lat / Long for easier tracking when exporting data for customer reporting requirements
  • CSV export now includes full checklist questions for enhanced customer experience when exporting checklist data. The CSV extracts now include 'description' before the associated data for easier interpretation.
  • Online record viewer now shows full checklist question/description/requirement for better tracking, report interpretation and management action
  • Checklist instant PDF reports shows full question/description/requirement for a more complete user experience when reading PDF reports.
  • Minor fixes to display text
  • Notes and corrective actions now record user details and time/date stamps against each thread item for better tracking and internal audit of health and safety practices. 
  • NEW next generation performance console
  • Simpler, easier and more intuitive than ever before!
  • New features released to the popular Safe365 checklist zone"!
Mar 31 2021

Safe365 Smartphone App - Release v2.1

As part of the Site Management feature release, we have released a new mobile app for Android and iOS.

New features on the Safe365 smartphone app include:

  • New QR Code Scanner feature, accessed by tapping the QR code icon on the top left in the app home screen/dashboard
  • Click the QR Code icon, and the scanner opens, the user holds the scanner up to the QR code presented at the applicable site 
  • Once scanned, the user is presented with a site description/address, site notes/requirements, and a prompt to sign-in or sign-out
  • The user can sign in or sign out and will receive a confirmation notification on the app that this has been successfully completed
  • The activity log on the app home screen will show the sign-in or sign-out action
  • The release includes and updates to date picker and video functions within the app to optimize the user experience
  • Further software maintenance updates
  • Removed the gender field from registration and profile



  • QR Code scanner added to Safe365 smartphone app
  • Rapid site sign-in and sign-out
Mar 31 2021

Scheduled Web App Release - Quality365 and User Experience Improvements

New Features
  • Full and Summary reports which are built upon finalisation of a Qualify365 Assessment
  • New Tōtika reminder on the Qualify365 Profile page to remind users to register with Tōtika
  • Qualify365 Profile now includes risk activities for CAT 2 and CAT 3 which enables users to select the specific risks that apply to their organisation
  • New Verifier abilities for the evaluation process

Fixes and Admin
  • Updates to enable a new mobile app version coming very soon
  • Support tooling enhancements 
  • Various fixes for a better user experience
Feb 25 2021

Qualify365 feature set release


Safe365 has released its new Qualify365 health and safety pre-qualification feature set. The new paid feature enables customers to purchase one of four Qualify365 products based on their size and risk profile. Clients provide responses to the question set and upload evidence to support their responses. Safe365 have certified assessors who then grade the assessment and provide feedback to the customer so they can improve. At the conclusion of the process, the client receives a final grading, a Totika and Qualify365 pre-qualification certification. Customers can then use the certification with many clients as part of procurement requirements. 

  • Totika approved pre-qualification assessment
  • Compliment Safe365 safety maturity with a Qualify365 pre-qualification assessment
  • Assessed by qualified health and safety professionals with constructive improvement feedback provided
Dec 09 2020

Improvements to profile page including logo upload

Safe365 has released an upgrade to the company profile page within the web app. Additional fields have been included to improve the quality and granularity of benchmarking data we provide to our customers and to accommodate requirements under the Totika standard as part of Qualify365.

The release also includes a logo uploader so customers can upload their company logo which is then used for reports and certifications the Safe365 platform generates, providing a customised look and feel to these documents.

  • Upload company logo
  • Improved benchmarking data and insights
Sep 25 2020

COVID-19 Checklist Release

To support users through the impacts of COVID-19, Safe365 has developed and released a suite of template checklists. These include working from home worker self-checks, construction templates and FMCG templates.  The checklists are available on the checklist zone on the performance console when logged in. To activate any of the templates, simply click 'active' into the green position and the checklist will be visible to smartphone app users. 

  • COVID-19 worker daily self-screening template
  • Working from home set up & risk assessment template
  • Construction Manager COVID-19 checklist
Apr 08 2020

SSO for AAD available for Custom Plan customers

Customers on Safe365 Custom Plans may now opt to upgrade to single sign-on for Azure Active Directory (AAD) to support customer credential management. If you are an existing customer and wish to implement SSO for AAD, please contact support@safe365global.com.

May 29 2020


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