Your digital partner for health and safety is a click away!

Safe365 works with large enterprises, government, and global corporate brands to measure, benchmark and improve health, safety and well-being strategies internally and across supply chains using our suite of digital tools. 


Safe365 works with many large, well-known clients across these industries:

  • Construction
  • Insurance & Banking
  • Airports & Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Local Government
  • Energy
  • FMCG
  • Transport & Logistics


Watch these client case studies below and understand how Safe365 works with some of the largest, complex and well-known brands to unlock improved safety outcomes and better business performance.


Business unit or site by site safety maturity profiles, benchmarking projects, strategy intelligence, contractor hubs... talk to us about your challenges and we can design a custom plan using our range of digital tools to solve your problem!


Our Custom Plans provide flexibility to clients with varying wants and needs. We engage with you to understand your objectives and then design a solution to help you achieve it. Our custom plans have been used for a myriad of applications, whether it be to digitize your health & safety strategy, to implement a business unit rollout across your organisation structure with data aggregation into a whole of the business dashboard, PowerBI insights projects, or to provide your contractors and suppliers with a hub that enables them to access your digital health and safety tools so they can undertake work safely in line with your expectations and provide you visibility and assurance. Safe365 recognises the value to our clients of working with the other software providers in their eco-system so that we can leverage big data opportunities and operational and financial efficiencies for our clients.