Safe365 Health and Safety Index

The Safe365 Health and Safety Index is an output from the Safe365 health and safety maturity assessment. The health and safety maturity assessment is underpinned by legal requirements, recognized best practices (such as ISO45001), and the latest international research and development into drivers of behavioural safety. These reference points are distilled into 84 specific elements organised into 10 modules and are presented on the Safe365 dashboard (below).

As changes are recorded over time, the Safe365 Safety Index also moves to reflect those changes, providing key stakeholders with visibility of health and safety progress within your business or organisation. 

Safe365 maturity profiles can be used at a 'whole of business' level and/or they can be used across an organisation (by site or business unit) with a data aggregation into a parent dashboard. This enables Safe365 to be used as a helpful measurement tool in both small and very large businesses, in all industries.