Know where you stand

The Safe365 Safety Index provides you with a clear, easy to communicate view of where your business sits on its health and safety maturity journey.


Get clear visibility on where and how you can improve your health and safety practices.

Delivered as a result of your Safe365 health and safety maturity assessment, your Safety Index score is an individual rating of your business' health and safety maturity – providing an instant snapshot of your strengths and areas for improvement.

Underpinned by the latest legal requirements, best practice (such as ISO45001), and international research and development, the assessment is organised into 10 modules that address 85 specific health and safety areas.

10 modules

    • Director Knowledge
    • Management Knowledge
    • Worker / Contractor Knowledge
    • Health & Safety Management System
    • Verification & Audit Activities
    • Emergency Prepardness
    • Health & Safety Data Collection
    • Management Reporting
    • Worker / Contractor Engagement
    • Culture & Behaviours

Achieve health and safety excellence

Climb your way to health and safety 'Leadership' status as Safe365 shows you exactly what you need to do next to get there.


A roadmap for improvement, with clear, prioritised, actionable steps.

Review the modules and areas that require improvement, complete the recommended action items, and see your Safety Index score and maturity improve!

Throughout your journey, use the dashboard to set goals and identify what steps need to be taken to achieve your next milestone. Safe365 will indicate what % increase each action will deliver.



✓ Complete action items

✓ Review your competency

✓ Improve your score

See how you compare 

To date, 8500+ organisations across 4 continents have taken the Safe365 health and safety maturity assessment, with an average Safety Index score of 54%. Get your score and see how you compare to others in your industry with a 21 day free trial.