I have downloaded the Safe365 smartphone app but I can’t log on using my Safe365 web password?

All first-time users of the Safe365 smartphone app, regardless if you are an existing web console user, must register first.  You cannot download and sign in with your existing web console password.

How do I connect my team to the Safe365 smartphone app?

Please ensure you send the team this guide, as part of the standard email template that we have provided.  Once your team member has connected – you will see a connection request come into Safe365, which you will need to ‘approve’.  Please access the ‘Get Help Here’ tab when you are logged in to your account to understand how to ‘approve’ the connection request.

Why do I need to ‘approve’ all App Users?

Anyone with the Safe365 Smartphone App can request a connection to any organisation on the platform. Approving users is a security step to ensure you have full visibility of connected users to your Smartphone App.

What is ‘Get Help Here’?

This is where you will find information, videos and guided ‘walkthroughs’ on how to use the core features of the Safe365 platform.  We guide our customers to use this resource as it is the quickest and easiest way for them to navigate around Safe365.  You can use the search bar to search your topic, and then be guided on how to complete that task.


What if I can't see the 'Get Help Here' widget?

Please make sure that cookies is enabled in whatever browser you are using so that the 'Get Help Here' widget is made visible. Read here to enable cookies in your browser.

Is there a Video I can send to my staff about the Safe365 smartphone app?

Copy and paste this link:


Where does all the information/data from app users go, and how do I access it?

Navigate to the performance tab, this is where all Safe365 smartphone app information is held. Use the ‘Get Help Here’ tab to discover all the things you can do with this information.  Please also use this informative help video to assist you.


What should I do if I receive a ‘Request to Connect’ from someone I don’t know?

If you see someone in your Pending App User list that you don’t recognize, please do not accept it.  It may simply be an error on their part when they were selecting the organisation.  You will have the email of the requester, so you may choose to send an email to clarify their request.  The mobile app user will NOT be able to send you any reports from their app unless they are approved.

My staff are not seeing “Connected to my organisation” on their Safe365 smartphone app?

Ensure your users ‘refresh’ their app home page to ensure they are connected.  They can refresh the Safe365 smartphone app in different ways, they can run their thumb/finger down the Home page/use their finger to ‘pull’ the page down or they can close the app and reopen.  Once they have refreshed their screen they will see “Connected to … your organisation”  Users will also receive an email to confirm their connection request has been approved.


How does the Mobile App user “Refresh” their connection?

Users should refresh their mobile app by running their thumb/finger down the Home page or close out of the app and reopen it. This action closes the loop and their Home Page will say “Connected to … your organisation”. 

Do the Mobile App users also have access to the Performance Dashboard on the Safe365 Web Console?

No, mobile app users only have access to the safe365 smartphone app. The Owner of the Web Console controls who can view their organization’s Performance Tab – users must be added separately to the Web Console. We suggest that only a couple of people have access to the Web Console.

I can’t see the ‘Get Help Here’ widget on my screen.

If you are using a display monitor the settings may hide the Get Help Here widget. Check the display settings on your laptop or monitor screen.

Are there any COVID-19 templates I can use?

We have a ‘Working From Home’ checklist that you can use - please access the ‘Get Help Here’ tab when you are logged in to your account and you will be shown how to deploy this to your team.

How do I know if or verify a user has answered the COVID-19 “Working From Home” checklist honestly?

You are asking your staff to take personal responsibility and accountability for their health and safety in the workplace.  The workplace happens to be a workspace in their home so you are relying on their judgment and transparency.  The completed checklist report provides you with best practice evidence to review and suggest corrective action(s) if needed.  The video and image features enable you to site the workspace and make suggestions. 

What COVID-19 resources do you have?

Please access the access the ‘Get Help Here’ tab when you are logged in to your account and you will see several resources that we have for you.  We are adding to these daily, so please check back in to see any updates.

I want to check with my offsite team on how they feel about our response as an Employer to COVID-19, is there a way I could do this?

We have a specific ‘COVID-19’ survey that is available for you to deploy to your team.  Please access the ‘Get Help Here’ tab when you are logged in to your account and you will be shown how to deploy this to your team.

Is there a charge for Safe365 University?

No, it’s free for anyone to make use of.  We want to make sure that everyone has the ability to understand how to use a leading-edge health, safety and capability tool and how to apply it in an organisational setting.