Safe365 Rapid App Setup


For rapid set up of the Safe365 smartphone application for your workforce and connecting to your performance console, the following instructions & email template has been created.  


  1. Copy the ‘Template Email’ text below Paste it into your email system (or onto your team communication platform such as Microsoft Teams) 
  2. Send to the staff you would like to download the Safe365 smartphone app and connect 
  3. You will see pending user connections sitting on the performance console dashboard. As they come in, go into the app user area, click “edit” on each request and click “approve” to connect the team member. They will automatically receive an email from Safe365 to confirm they are now connected and can start submitting reports.  
  4. Once you have users connected, you can start sending/receiving data. For many workplaces, during COVID-19, this may be asking your workforce to complete the working from home checklist that Safe365 have provided as a template in the checklist area. To make this available, you simple need to click “Active” and the button will turn green indicating the checklist is live. At this point your connected app users can use this resource.  
  5. If you get stuck, there are plenty of tools and resources to help you learn about using the Safe365 platform. Click on the help launcher on the left of screen when logged in or email . 


Template Email: 

Hi Team 

The purpose of this email is to advise that we are using the Safe365 smartphone app to ensure that we stay connected, from a health, safety & well-being perspective, while we are all working from home/remotely. 

Here are someinstructionsthat will assist you with downloading, registering and connecting to the Safe365 smartphone app.  

Once you have downloaded the Safe365 smartphone app and registered yourself, please take a look at this 1 minute Safe365 video to give you a quick overview of how to the use the Safe365 smartphone app.  

[Include this sentence if your business is an existing Safe365 client/remove it if your business is a new Safe365 user...] If you have an existing Safe365 website login, please note when you download and install the Safe365 smartphone app, you need to click 'register' to set up your smartphone user profile. Your smartphone app profile and Safe365 website credential serve two different purposes and thus you are unable to sign in to the Safe365 smartphone app with your existing website credential - if you have one. 

The app has some key functions to assist: 

  • Working from home checklists and other checklists we can set up to support our business processes during the COVID-19 outbreak 
  • Incident/event reporting 
  • Risk/hazard reporting 
  • You can log any safety related observations or concerns you have (either about you, your working environment or a colleague) 
  • We can deploy quick check in surveys via the app throughout the isolation period to make sure everyone is OK, supported and able to perform their role. 

More information about Safe365 is available: . 

Kind regards 


<Your Name>