Day to day health and safety performance

Health and Safety Managers, Human Resource Managers

Managing health and safety for your business?

Being the health and safety manager or person allocated this portfolio can be a lonely responsibility. Safe365 is your reference point - an online health and safety mentor - available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Safe365 helps you to achieve greater results in your role. Safe365 users are also supported by an online technical support desk and freephone Safe365 hotline!

Keep on top of continuous improvement

Like your people your time is extremely valuable. Safe365's intelligent interface provides your business with a customised set of prioritised actions to support you to stay on top of health and safety. Whether you are working to achieve basic compliance or trying to extend your health and safety capability into best practice, Safe365 provides a comprehensive pathway to help you achieve your health and safety goals.

Communicate to key stakeholders

Safe365's report feature allows you to generate high-quality, informative, pragmatic reports which allow you to easily communicate health and safety information to senior managers, directors, parent contractors, and others. Whether you are trying to generate buy-in for critical health and safety initiatives, gaining resourcing/budget approval or communicating key risk exposure, Safe365's report has the key information you need to tell your story. 

Become a safe organisation now

Self-assess, diagnose and develop a health and safety compliance action plan with Safe365.