A one-stop digital shop for health & safety governance and management 

Build your health and safety maturity. Be safe and compliant. Improve business performance.


Safe365 works with many SME/Mid-sized businesses across many industries including:

  • Civil, Commercial & Residential Construction
  • Local Government
  • National / International Sporting Organisations (NSO) & Associations
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Utility Contractors 

Watch these client case studies below and understand how mid-sized businesses meet their compliance obligations, build a positive culture towards work health and safety and leverage it to improve business performance with Safe365.


Whether you have 20 or 200 in your team, we have a subscription plan for you!

Our Essentials Plan is the perfect plan for your team of <20 or perhaps the Performance Plan or Professional Plan for up to 200 workers is what you need? Maybe you are a franchise or have multiple locations you need visibility of, in which case we can work with you to design a Custom plan, specific to your needs.

Each of these subscription plans come with the two key solutions you need... our iconic health and safety maturity assessment & continuous improvement solution PLUS the Safe365 performance console including bundles of smartphone app licenses.

How does the system work?

Our digital health and safety maturity assessment enables you to gain a rapid understanding of how well developed your approach to health and safety is. The maturity assessment is designed relative to legal obligations as well as recognised best practice in health and safety and risk management (such as ISO45001 and ISO31000). The content is translated into simple terms - you certainly don't need to be a deep technical safety or risk expert to use Safe365. Your baseline assessment will take between 90-120 mins and give you immediate visibility of your strengths and areas for improvement. The system has risk-based algorithms that automate recommended actions for improvement and provide you with tools, templates and playbooks to support you on the improvement journey. As you make improvements, your maturity profile evolves, enabling the key stakeholders in the business to monitor progress. 

Many small to mid-sized businesses use an outsourced health and safety advisor/consultant. Safe365 has a partner community of 50+ advisory businesses who use Safe365 technology to underpin the work they do with their clients, improving transparency, efficiency and effectiveness. For many small to mid-sized businesses, this is very similar to how you may use a cloud-based accounting or bookkeeping solution in conjunction with an accountant. 

Our popular Safe365 smartphone app is used to support your workforce to implement effective daily routines when it comes to health, safety and well-being on the job. Your workers download and interact with the Safe365 smartphone app. You get alerts when reports are submitted, can take action, keep records and have all the data at your fingertips via the Safe365 Performance Console Dashboard.

  • Set up your own custom processes such as SSSP's, JA's, JRA's, SWMS, risk assessments, site inductions, checklists, audits and inspections 
  • Incident Reporting
  • Hazard & Risk Reporting
  • Health & Safety Pulse Survey
  • Safety Obervations