Data-driven insights inform great decisions! 

Safe365 has developed one of the most comprehensive health and safety maturity data-sets in the world... and we want everyone to benefit from it!


What is your business health and safety maturity and how does that compare to the businesses you compete against? Are you generating a return on investment for the health and safety interventions you are implementing? 

These are two questions our clients started asking the Safe365 team a few years ago, so we made it our business to help. All Safe365 subscriptions come with monthly market insights & benchmarking reports which visually present health and safety maturity across the market by industry breakdown. Safe365 also overlay harm data provided by the regulator. Generally, those industries with a lower collective safety maturity experience more harm. Industries with a higher safety maturity experience lower harm rates.  As part of our custom plan options, Safe365 also produce a deeper market benchmarking report service that not only benchmarks your Safe365 health and safety index but also by each of the 10 module areas and by the 84 specific safety maturity elements in Safe365. 

For larger clients with multiple safety maturity profiles (such as business units or specific sites), Safe365 also produce aggregated reports and combine your internal data across multiple profiles with market data so you get a full internal and external benchmarking package.