Safe365 Performance Console 

Management visibility of critical daily health, safety & well-being data at a glance.


The Safe365 Performance Console is where all the end-user data from your team goes when submitted from the Safe365 smartphone app. The console notifies the people you select when data is submitted from your team and pulls all the data together via a simple easy to user dashboard interface. As someone responsible for health and safety management or oversight, you can view submitted reports and take the necessary action as required. Via the performance console, users can deploy health and safety surveys to connected app users and create custom work processes in the checklist zone. Users can also extract data from the performance console for further analysis via 3rd party apps like Microsoft PowerBI.


The performance console is a great platform for keeping track of all health and safety activities in the business and ensure you are keeping good quality records that you can produce at a moments notice from any internet connected browser.