Finally... a nationally recognised health and safety pre-qualification scheme is here!

Do it once, get practical feedback from qualified health and safety professionals and use your Qualify365 and Tōtika certification with all your clients.



For many contractors and suppliers, being equipped with a health & safety prequalification is a mandatory requirement as part of contract compliance and procurement. Qualify365 is a recognised prequalification assessment service that enables contractor and supplier organisations to demonstrate their health and safety system and practices.  For more information for contractors and suppliers, click here.  

If you are engaging contractors and sub-contractors, ensuring your contractor has a Qualify365 pre-qualification is a key piece of the contractor management puzzle and provides you with peace of mind that you are procuring services from suppliers that have key health, safety and well-being requirements in place. For more information for hiring clients / principal contractors, click here 

Safe365 is also a certified GOLD Member Scheme with Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ) and its Tōtika Standard with Qualify365. For more information about Qualify365's industry recognition, click here.


 Ultimately, its what our customers think that counts. Watch this customer case study below to learn more about Qualify365 health and safety pre-qualification.