Tōtika Pre Qualification Service

Qualify365 makes it easier for contractors, and businesses using contractors, to manage health and safety pre-qualification and supply chain risk.




Qualify365: Our certified Tōtika pre-qualification product

We all know health & safety requirements can result in a sea of paperwork, but with Tōtika, we’re helping to provide one pre-qualification certification that can be shared with most, if not all of your clients. This eliminates the need for duplicated effort, time and cost of meeting multiple pre-qualification requirements for different clients. 


Tōtika is New Zealand’s recently launched nationally recognised cross-industry health and safety pre-qualification scheme, delivering a common pre-qualification standard and process for construction contractors and suppliers, governed by Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ).

Safe365 is proud to be an accredited Gold provider of the Tōtika certification standard. Our approved Qualify365 product is a professional, cost effective health and safety pre-qualification aligned to industry-recognised national standards.



What is Tōtika pre-qualification and why is it important?

Pre-qualification is a key piece of the contractor relationship puzzle and in many cases, a mandatory requirement before commencing work contracts.

Having a Qualify365 Tōtika pre-qualification provides peace of mind and risk management support for both parties that key health, safety and well-being practices are in place. Managing risks generated through your engagement of contractors and suppliers is one of the most emerging health & safety risks for principal contractors and businesses who hire contractors. 

All contractors are responsible for health & safety





How does Qualify365 work - what's the process?

  1. Contractors sign up to Qualify365, complete a quick organisation profile and move on to the assessment phase.
  2. Once signed up, each customer is assigned one of our Qualify365 assessors. All Qualify365 assessors are certified health and safety professionals. The assessor will arrange an opening meeting with the customer to ensure the Qualify365 process is well understood.
  3. Complete your responses to the Tōtika criteria for the assessment category selected at sign up. The platform will also ask you to upload evidence of practices to further substantiate your assessment responses.
  4. Once the assessment is completed, it gets digitally passed to your Qualify365 assessor who completes the grading process. The assessor will also provide feedback and guidance for opportunities to further improve health, safety & well-being practices.
  5. Once the assessor has completed the process, the customer receives notification and an interim grading. Customers may elect to accept the interim grading as final OR elect to make improvements to their safety practices and re-submit.
  6. After a maximum of three attempts, the final grading is issued. The customer receives a Tōtika Qualify365 certificate, summary report, and full report for use with clients and to focus ongoing improvement efforts.
  7. Qualify365 passes the details of the Tōtika certification to CHASNZ who enter it onto the national Tōtika register, visible to hiring clients that register with CHASNZ. 
  8. Qualify365 will send your a notification well in advance when your Tōtika certification is coming up for expiry so you can prepare to update your assessment, be re-graded and re-certified.


Tōtika Scheme Rules - Updates

September 2021: Update to the Tōtika scheme rules for medical professionals contracting as a sole trader: If you are a registered medical professional operating as a sole trader, the Tōtika scheme rules have been upgraded to recognise your qualification. You are not required to complete a separate prequalification. Please visit the Tōtika website to upload your registration/practicing certificate into your Tōtika portal profile.



Key benefits of a Qualify365 pre-qualification

  • Access to Safe365 and Qualify365 benchmarking data to help assess the market positioning of your contractors and suppliers on health & safety.
  • Confidence that any contractor presenting a Qualify365 pre-qualification has been assessed by a qualified, certified and competent health and safety professional.
  • Ability to access your suppliers Qualify365 pre-qualification assessment report to understand the areas of strength and where the focus is needed to ensure your projects get completed safely by your supply chain.
  • Accredited by Tōtika - the first common standard for health and safety pre-qualification.
  • Integrated with Safe365 - a one-stop shop for all your digital health & safety requirements.
  • Enable your contractors & suppliers to access a high quality, reputable pre-qualification service at a market competitive price point.



Add Qualify365 to your Health & Safety toolbox

If you're an existing Safe365 customer, Qualify365 can be added as an extension to your Health & Safety subscription. This means you’ll have all your digital health & safety components in one, international award-winning platform. Plus, with our experienced, qualified and friendly team behind you, you’ll be able to access support quickly, without a paying the premium fee that other prequal providers charge.

To add Qualify365 to your subscription, select your category below. Alternatively, login to your Safe365 account, visit 'subscriptions & billing' in the admin menu, and select the Qualify365 product you need.






A CATEGORY S supplier:


  • does not employ staff, does not engage other contractors, contracts independently, and works independently.






A CATEGORY 1 supplier:


  • employs no more than 20 people;
  • does not take on contracts in excess of NZ$2.5million; and
  • will not have a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika high or very high-risk work activity schedule.






A CATEGORY 2 supplier:


  • employs no more than 200 people;
  • does not take on contracts with value in excess of NZ$20 million; and
  • will not engage in a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika very-high risk work activity schedule.






A CATEGORY 3 supplier:


  • employs more than 200 people; and/or
  • takes on contracts with value in excess of NZ$20 million and/or
  • takes on a lead/principle contractor or designer role; and/or
  • has a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika very high-risk work activity schedule.




Which Category is right for your business?

Contractors need differing pre-qualification requirements based on things like FTE size, the $ size of contracts, the nature of the operations they may undertake for your organisation, and the health and safety risks associated with those operations. Qualify365 uses Tōtika's standard pre-qualification categories.

Need to work out which pre-qualification category is right for your business? Confirm your category below in our 2 minute survey.



Case study: Arjo

Arjo is a global supplier of medical devices and medical solutions. Anthony Blyth, Arjo Managing Director discusses how Qualify365 and Safe365 work hand in hand to ensure the Arjo team are living their Health & Safety policies, rather than just having them in place.