Empower your team and keep them safe

The Safe365 Risk and Reporting App is a simple, user-friendly, digital tool for businesses that puts health and safety in the palm of your employees’ hands.


Everyone has a role to play in work health and safety

Our Risk and Reporting Smartphone App empowers employees to take accountability for capturing, reporting, and managing risks and incidents; ensuring your organisation is health and safety compliant every day.

With all reporting data aggregated and summarised in our Performance Dashboard, you get complete visibility of your organisation’s health and safety performance in one place.




  • Engage employees in your health and safety journey

  • Save time and eliminate paperwork

  • Improve the quality of data captured in the field

  • Avoid unnecessary risk to your business

Key features

✓ Incident and hazard reporting

✓ Log safety observations and team meetings

✓ Custom safety checklists

✓ Employee profile with training and induction records

✓ Custom workforce surveys


A single, streamlined system to report, manage and review important health and safety data.

See how it works


Report, escalate, and manage incidents and hazards on the
go in real time.

Empower employees to create reports as they happen. Our app guides them through the process with data capture tools like address finder, time/date stamps, camera, voice recording, category tags, and more.

Record details like what happened and when, potential impact of the hazard, likelihood of reoccurrence, and actions taken. Managers get notified instantly when a report is submitted so they can take immediate action.

Make audits and inspections
easy with custom checklists.

Get visibility and assurance that health and safety processes are being followed and risks managed. Our app makes it quick and easy for employees to complete daily audits and checks like inductions, equipment inspections, and site walk-throughs.

Create custom checklists via the Performance Dashboard using a Safe365 template, or build your own. Completed checklists are instantly summarised in the Dashboard for management review and reporting.

Measure health and safety culture and climate with
custom surveys. 

A strong health and safety culture and climate is vital for reducing workplace harm. Understand your employee's perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes towards your organisation's health and safety journey, with customised surveys they can complete via the app.

Build your own or use one of our templates in the Performance Dashboard, and see all the responses aggregated in one place.

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Our Risk and Reporting App plus Performance Dashboard are available as a standalone solution for small teams on our Starter plan, or included as part of the full Safe365 health and safety system. Explore which plan is right for you and sign-up for a free trial.