Effective health and safety governance, leadership and strategic execution

Safe365 partners with large, complex clients to build actionable intelligence, enabling good governance and targeted execution.


How do you currently unearth your strategic strengths and weaknesses, understand what needs to be done, generate strategic stakeholder buy-in, and provide visibility that your strategy is working? Safe365 has worked with clients at an executive level in healthcare, aviation, energy generation, local government, government, construction, sport & recreation, and others as the data-driven intelligence cornerstone of their health and safety strategy. 

Safe365 can work with your business to set up a relevant measurement regime aligned to how you organise your entity. We also work with our professional service alliance partner Deloitte for those clients that need a deeper layer of audit level assurance over their data sets. Each site or business unit has KPI's based on Safe365 maturity metrics which aggregate up into a whole of organisation view. With those KPI's comes an automated continuous improvement pathway so each part of the business understands what needs doing and has the tools to improve. 

Large clients (>5,000 FTE) have seen up to a 40% improvement in harm reduction over a 24 month period following this methodology. Safe365 can also work alongside you to model both the safety and productivity return on investment throughout your Safe365 strategic journey. We call our methodology our 'impact thesis' as it underpins how Safe365 achieves genuine health, safety and well-being outcomes with our clients. 


Watch this in-depth case study of Auckland Council to understand more about using Safe365 as an intelligence cornerstone of your health and safety strategy.