For Contractors & Suppliers

Win work, retain clients, and reduce compliance exposure with Qualify365 by Safe365.

For many contractors and suppliers, being equipped with a health & safety prequalification is a mandatory requirement as part of contract compliance and procurement. Qualify365 is a recognised prequalification assessment service that enables contractor and supplier organisations to demonstrate their health and safety system and practices.


10 great benefits of pre-qualifying with Qualify365 

  1. Meet your client(s) health and safety pre-qualification requirements
  2. Win work, retain clients and reduce compliance exposure
  3. Simple, easy, and intuitive digital platform to facilitate you through the Qualify365 process 
  4. Aligned to the only industry-recognized prequalification standard in New Zealand - Tōtika.
  5. Be treated fairly, ethically, and professionally through your prequalification journey
  6. Share the results of your Qualify365 pre-qualification status with multiple clients as part of meeting their procurement requirements without having to repeat the prequalification process every time.
  7. Qualify365 assessments are underpinned by qualified, certified, HASANZ registered occupational health and safety professionals with broad field experience
  8. Qualify365 clients have a discounted option to upgrade to the market-leading Safe365 platform – a one-stop digital tool used by over 4,500 businesses that will support your business to meet pre-qualification, strategy, governance, management, daily routines, reporting, and employee feedback & engagement needs, at a market-leading, business-friendly price point. 
  9. Gain independent assurance and peace of mind that your organisation has key health and safety compliance requirements in place relative to recognised industry standards. 
  10. Gain valuable feedback to support your continual improvement priorities so you gain stronger prequalification grading each time renewal comes around. 


Qualify365 Health & Safety Prequalification Products

Your clients will have differing pre-qualification requirements based on things like FTE size, the $ size of contracts and the nature of the operations you may undertake and the health and safety risks associated with those operations. The process is simple - check with your client if they require a specific category of assessment or, if this is not stated, select the category of Qualify365 assessment that is best suited to your business operations,  sign up and start the process.  

The below categories are aligned to the Tōtika Prequalification Standard:

QUALIFY365 – CAT S – for sole traders with no sub-contractors. 

QUALIFY365 – CAT 1 – for contractors & suppliers with core operations not on the high-risk or very high-risk schedule. 

QUALIFY365 – CAT 2 – for larger contractors & suppliers and/or with core operations on the high-risk schedule but NOT on the very high-risk schedule. 

QUALIFY365 – CAT 3 – for very large contractors & suppliers and/or with core operations on the very high-risk schedule 

Meet Nick (Lead Moderator, BOHS, HASANZ, MInstD, GradNZISM) 

Hi, I'm Nick Engelmann. I'm the lead moderator of Safe365's supplier health & safety prequalification service - Qualify365. My team of assessors and I are qualified, certified and competent health and safety professionals.

Our role is to independently verify the status of your health and safety management system in accordance with the Tōtika standard, provide you with feedback to help focus your continual improvement priorities and grade your pre-qualification assessment in a fair and ethical manner.

It's important to the team and I, that as our client, your business gets value for money through the process, and your clients understand and value your Qualify365 status.

Our service delivery is underpinned by our AS NZS ISO9001:2016 aligned quality management system with technical content aligned and audited against the Tōtika Member Scheme Standard.