For Hiring Clients / Principal Contractors

Visibility & assurance that your contractors or suppliers have been assessed by an independent, reputable pre-qualification process against recognised standards.

Ensuring your contractor has a Qualify365 Tōtika pre-qualification is a key piece of the contractor management puzzle and provides you with peace of mind that you are procuring services from suppliers that have key health, safety and well-being requirements in place.


Managing risks generated through your engagement of contractors and suppliers is one of the most emerging health and safety risks for principal contractors & hiring clients. Did you know that your organisation is obligated under health and safety legislation to, so far as it can reasonably control, ensure operational health, safety and well-being risks associated with third-party contractors and suppliers are identified, assessed and managed effectively?


Benefits of your supply chain being pre-qualified with Qualify365 

  1. The visibility that your contractors or suppliers have been assessed by an independent, reputable pre-qualification process against recognised NZ standards
  2. Save your contractors time and money by seeking a Tōtika GOLD level approved pre-qualification that they can use to underpin procurement and contract compliance with multiple clients
  3. Confidence that any contractor presenting a Qualify365 prequalification has been assessed by a qualified, certified and competent health and safety professional
  4. Request access to your supplier Qualify365 pre-qualification assessment report to understand the areas of strength and where the focus is needed to ensure your projects get completed safely by your supply chain.
  5. Access to Safe365 and Qualify365 benchmarking data to help assess the market positioning of your contractors and suppliers on health & safety
  6. Align your contractor and suppliers to Safe365 – a market-leading digital platform that drives continual improvement in health and safety maturity across more than 4,500 clients
  7. Enable your contractors & suppliers to access a high quality, reputable pre-qualification service at a market competitive price point – they will love you for it.





Qualify365 Health & Safety Prequalification Products

Your suppliers will need differing pre-qualification requirements based on things like FTE size, the $ size of contracts and the nature of the operations they may undertake for your organisation, and the health and safety risks associated with those operations. The process is simple - let your contractors know (via procurement documents, contractor meetings and contract reviews) if you require them to have a specific category of assessment or, if this is not stated, they can select the category of Qualify365 assessment that is best suited to their business operations,  sign up and start the process.  

The below categories are aligned to the Tōtika Prequalification Standard:

QUALIFY365 – CAT S – for sole traders with no sub-contractors. 

QUALIFY365 – CAT 1 – for contractors & suppliers with core operations not on the high-risk or very high-risk schedule. 

QUALIFY365 – CAT 2 – for larger contractors & suppliers and/or with core operations on the high-risk schedule but NOT on the very high-risk schedule. 

QUALIFY365 – CAT 3 – for very large contractors & suppliers and/or with core operations on the very high-risk schedule 

Meet Nick (Lead Moderator, BOHS, HASANZ, MInstD, GradNZISM) 

Hi, I'm Nick Engelmann. I'm the lead moderator of Safe365's supplier health & safety prequalification service - Qualify365. My team of assessors and I are qualified, certified and competent health and safety professionals.

Our role is to independently verify the status of supplier/contractor health and safety management systems in accordance with the Tōtika standard, provide the suppliers/contractors with feedback to help them focus their continual improvement priorities and grade their pre-qualification assessment in a fair and ethical manner.

It's important to the team and I, that as a procurer of services from contractors and suppliers, your organisation understands and values your contractor/supplier Qualify365 status.

Our service delivery is underpinned by our AS NZS ISO9001:2016 aligned quality management system with technical content aligned and audited against the Totika Member Scheme Standard.

Safe365 in the supply chain - the gold standard!

At last! One digital platform that handles industry recognised contractor health and safety pre-qualification, safety maturity & continual improvement, day to day safety performance & reporting with the ability to connect all the stakeholders in the supply chain together to use data to improve safety and business performance!