Qualify365 is an accredited Gold Level Totika Member Scheme.




Qualify365 by Safe365 is an accredited GOLD member scheme under Tōtika

Accreditation Level Held: GOLD

Health & Safety (H&S) pre-qualification assessments support procurement processes in New Zealand. Before Tōtika there was no common standard for prequalification resulting in a proliferation of proprietary and internal pre-qualification schemes. This creates significant inefficiency in the supply chain as suppliers have to repeatedly prequalify against different schemes and standards.  This repeated and duplicated effort wastes the time and money for both clients and contractors.

There is a strong desire within the industry (from both clients and contractors alike) for a common pre-qualification standard and streamlined pre-qualification process; Tōtika has been developed to deliver these outcomes.

Tōtika presents a common view of:

  • Contractors and suppliers - through a single supplier categorisation process 
  • Pre-qualification assessments - through the audit and grading of pre-qualification schemes
  • Contractor and Supplier H&S standards - through the Tōtika core requirements and assessment standards.

Improving the way we work...

Safe365 has been involved in research and development projects of national and international significance to support industries at a sector level to modernize health, safety and well-being at work. We use data from over 4,500 businesses to understand the areas where improvements are needed, and then work with relevant agencies to make those improvements. This has included work on creating industry maturity benchmarks, creating relevant leading indicators, Safety RoI, the relationship between HSW maturity and workplace harm and supply chain management.

In addition to our research findings supporting the agencies we partner with, they are also used to drive our own continual improvement work on our software platform to ensure that all of our customers continue to benefit from their Safe365 subscription, and as a country, we improve our health, safety and well-being performance over time. 

Safe365's 'gold standard' contractor management solution includes extending beyond pre-qualification and into safety maturity, providing an integrated, comprehensive view of the supply chain enabling better decision-making, stronger PCBU assurance, and work being done more safely. Engaged and effective health and safety shouldn't be something considered every 2 years at pre-qualification time. It should be part of everyday life within a business.