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Drowning in a compliance mindset: Amplifying the contrast between safety culture and compliance culture
26 January 2023
Nathan Hight, Safe365 Co-Founder, discusses recent events that have played a role in ensuring the team at Safe365 are re-focused, committed and passionate about what lies ahead in 2023. read
Walking the walk: How to make sure your employees have competent health and safety knowledge
28 November 2022
Research shows that when workers feel safe at work, it impacts both worker satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction. Learn about key ways you can start building knowledge among your staff. read
Introducing: Govn365
12 October 2022
Health and Safety is just one component of a business' governance scope. Using the same maturity index as Safe365, Govn365 allows organisations to view all aspects of their governance capabilities. read
Trickle down health and safety – how directors can take a leadership role in driving health and safety
12 October 2022
Throughout any organisation, health and safety practice is an important aspect to keeping everyone safe. Learn about how directors can lead the way in driving change in health and safety culture. read
Taking a balanced approach to health and safety: building maturity while achieving compliance.
27 July 2022
This is the third and final blog in a series covering topics explored by Safe365 co-founder, Nathan Hight. This week looks at positioning health and safety beyond compliance to gain buy-in. read
A safer sporting environment – how Hockey NSW drove dramatic change to their health and safety practices
27 July 2022
With a Safety Index Score increase from 45% to 62%, Hockey NSW has utilised Safe365 to drastically improve their H&S management. Read more to learn about their journey to improved health and safety maturity. read
How to engage your C-Suite and Board in your health and safety story
18 July 2022
When data is presented by itself, it can be hard to gain trust, authority or support, without other factors. Read more to understand how you can instead tell a great story. read
How to bridge the gap between yourself and your key leaders to gain health and safety traction
11 July 2022
For health and safety professionals all over the world, the transfer of knowledge from themselves to their Boards and business leaders can be a tough journey. Read more to learn how you can bridge the gap. read
Leveraging technology to manage and improve workplace health and safety risk
24 June 2022
Health and safety is consistently an important topic. No one wants to be responsible for harm coming to an employee, colleague or family member, especially when many incidents can be avoided by having good ... read
Online health and safety courses with Tap Into Safety
20 May 2022
Our benchmarking data has shown that many of our clients have gaps in their health and safety knowledge at contractor, worker, manager and even Director level. We’ve also been asked where you can find.... read
New partnership to improve safety outcomes and performance for Māori businesses
11 April 2022
A strategic partnership between Māori professional services organisation, HTK Group, and renowned work health and safety company, Safe365, has been formed to support a mutual goal to improve safety outcomes. read
Moving up the safety maturity curve with maturity profiling
06 April 2022
It’s been a very busy start to 2022. Nick has found it inspiring to see so many new clients come on board with Safe365 and experience a true safety maturity profiling application that promotes safety... read
The Safe365 ISO journey
08 March 2022
As the first Tōtika accredited prequalification scheme on the New Zealand market, Qualify365, a Safe365 product, has already helped hundreds of New Zealand businesses achieve some great results under the Totika read
Extract Value from your Tōtika PreQual
27 January 2022
As the first Tōtika accredited prequalification scheme on the New Zealand market, Qualify365, a Safe365 product, ... read
Safe365 - What’s in store for 2022?
27 January 2022
Co-founder and Director of Safe365, Nathan Hight, lays out where Safe365 is headed in 2022 and what customers can expect. read
Safe365 Named Best Personal Safety App of 2021 by
26 January 2022
Safe365 was ranked ‘Best for Employers’ among mobile solutions for keeping safe at home, work or while traveling. read
IIRSM and Safe365 partner to elevate emerging risk leaders. IIRSM and Safe365 joint partnership announcement
23 December 2021
Safe365 and International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM) are delighted to announce a new, joint partnership. read
A message from The Pacific Business Trust
23 December 2021
If you’re a Pacific business owner or about to start a business, Pacific Business Trust offers support services that can help you get to the next level. read
Safe365 & Sport NSW announcement
10 December 2021
Safe365 is proud to sponsor an award at the NSW Champions of Sport Ceremony, for Team of the Year with a Disability. read
Safe365 and Surf Life Saving Sydney – partnership announcement
29 November 2021
Safe365 are proud to announce a new 3-year partnership with Surf Life Saving Sydney (SLSS), as their Digital Health and Safety Partner. Surf Life Saving Sydney is one of the largest and busiest branches ... read
Safe365 Tenpin Bowling Australia partnership
14 October 2021
Safe365 is excited to announce it has formed a partnership with Tenpin Bowling Australia as their Digital Health and Safety Partner. read
08 April 2021
Safe365 is excited to announce its Partnership with Sport NSW as their Digital Health and Safety Partner. Sport NSW is an independent not-for-profit organisation, representing NSW sporting organisations. read
Qualify365 by Safe365 approved as Totika Gold Member Scheme
12 February 2021
Safe365’s new pre-qualification product Qualify365 has been confirmed today as a GOLD Tōtika Member Scheme by Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ). read
Why the Totika standard is a gamechanger
11 February 2021
Remember when a prequalification was an expensive hygiene assessment of potential contractors before they came onto site to do work? read
Why Maturity Profiling should be part of your reporting regime
08 February 2021
Why Maturity Profiling should be part of your reporting regime read
Returning to the Office after Lockdown
11 January 2021
As various parts of the globe come into and go out of COVID related lockdowns, an often underestimated impact is that of employees returning to the office read
The Bogged Down Board Report
03 January 2021
Are your Board and Executive reports bogged down? Are your reports telling a story? How can you potrait your teams good work? read
SAFE365 Checklists - It doesn't need to be just about safety!
11 December 2020
Did you know you don't need to buy a seperate digital checklist solution? SAFE365 comes with its own checklist platform, built into the product at no extra cost! read
Prequalification – Behind the Question – Investigation Follow Up
05 December 2020
In this weeks behind the question we look at Investigation Follow up read
Oils ain’t Oils! – ISO 45001 – AS NZ 45001 – Safety Management Systems?
28 November 2020
What's the good oil? – ISO 45001 – AS NZ 45001:2018 – Safety Management Systems? Our latest blog series looks at sifting the fact from fiction when it comes to safety terminology read
Totika - Behind the Question - Event Reporting, Recording, and Investigation
27 November 2020
In this weeks edition, we look at another question in the Event Reporting, Recording, and Investigation module. read
Is Contractor Management the most significant risk to your business?
21 September 2020
Has your organisation identified what is arguably the ticking timebomb of all risks, contractor management? read
Return to work features added to the free Safe365 mobile health and safety app to help businesses during Covid-19
20 April 2020
Safe365 launches free digital checklists to help businesses get back to work safely and meeting government COVID-19 employer obligations. Paperless, easy, free and instant. read
COVID-19 well-being & engagement survey added to Safe365 platform and available free of charge
30 March 2020
Safe365 have today confirmed release of a free workforce engagement survey, dedicated to critical COVID-19 related issues for employers and workers. read
Free mobile safety app for businesses from Safe365 to support remote ways of working during COVID-19.
26 March 2020
Safe365 announces it is making the Safe365 smartphone app and Performance Console available FREE to new SME’s for the next 6 months. read
Safe365 University is Launched
25 March 2020
Leading Safe365 has this week launched online training and certification to support its rapidly growing partner and client community. read
New Safe365 Subscription Plans Are Here!
24 March 2020
This week Safe365 launched a series of new subscription plans to the market. read
Deloitte and Safe365 Launch New Alliance.
23 March 2020
Deloitte New Zealand and Safe365 launch a new alliance to help kiwi businesses manage and improve health and safety governance and management. read
Don’t let a lack of connectivity stop you from being awesome at health and safety!
20 March 2020
Working on a site with a lack of internet connectivity or when your device transmitting function must be disabled? How can your workers maintain critical daily routines and reporting without online access? read
Health and Safety Maturity Benchmarking
19 March 2020
How developed is your business in terms of health, safety and well-being maturity? Are you ahead of your competitors? Where and how can you find out? read
And the winners are...
15 November 2019
Kainga Ora Homes and Communities has been announced as the 2019 Safest Place to Work, Supreme winner at an awards ceremony held in Auckland on 14 November 2019. read
Competing for Government Work – Do you have a compelling Health and Safety story?
23 July 2019
The 4th edition of the NZ Government Procurement Rules was released in June 2019 and come into effect on 1 October 2019. read
Safe365 White Paper: The relationship between H&S maturity and harm
27 May 2019
Take a read of the latest Safe365 white paper looking at the relationship between H&S maturity and harm across two high-risk industries: construction and energy read
Safe365 App is Live!
22 February 2019
The Safe365 smartphone app is here. Simple, easy & intuitive. Safer workforce. Better business. read
2018 Safest Place to Work Awards Announced
16 November 2018
The 2018 Safest Place to Work Awards were announced at an awards event held at Generator, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland on 15 September 2018. read
2018 Safest Place to Work Awards - Finalists Announced!
26 October 2018
Safe365 announce the 2018 Safest Place to Work Awards Finalists! read
An Agile Approach to Health, Safety and Well-Being
11 September 2018
Take an agile approach to embedding health, safety & well-being at work. read
Having An Intelligent Health and Safety System Is A Necessity
10 August 2018
Safe365 enables health and safety to be easily understood by everyone, at a great price, improves legal defensibility where accidents and unfortunate incidents occur, and is good for business the bottom line. read
Delivering Health & Safety Solutions - Supply Chain
13 July 2018
Safe365 can now provide a solution for organisations to keep track of health and safety capability and compliance throughout their entire supply chain. read
Want Access to Unique Benchmarking Data?
15 June 2018
New Zealand-based health and safety information technology provider, Safe365, has launched an additional feature for their product. read
Tools to make your Health & Safety Easy.
11 May 2018
Safe365 is an innovative and internationally recognised software product which is rapidly changing the game when it comes to workplace health and safety. read
Are Inductions Enough? A Safe365 Perspective
09 March 2018
There is a common perception that inducting a new worker on health and safety means the business is compliant with health and safety legislation. Here's our two cents on the matter... read
Free health and safety assessments in support of Surf Life Saving!
15 November 2017
Safe365 announces it is providing free health and safety assessments until Christmas, and, for any participating business that purchases the product, Safe365 will donate 50% to Surf Life Saving! read
Safe365 launch 'Safest Place to Work' Awards
01 October 2017
Safe365 launch its new Safest Places to Work Awards initiative to recognise health and safety excellence! read
Safe365's Market Leading Supply Chain Solution
25 September 2017
Worried about your 3rd party/contractor supply chain from a health and safety overlapping PCBU responsibility perspective? Read on! read
Supporting NZ's Best Young Farmers
10 July 2017
The NZ Young Farmers finals were held over the weekend 6-9th July 2017 in the Manawatu and Safe365 was on hand to talk to participants about health and safety. read
Having a strong health and safety culture in your organisation
04 July 2017
Do you have a sense of workforce engagement on health and safety matters in your organisation? Has it been measured recently? Read on to find out more... read
How Young NZ Farmers Stay Safe
02 June 2017
Safe365 gives us the ability to check big groups of work to make sure we’re on track. It also gives direction on how to fix things when required. read
Win a FREE subscription to Safe365 for 12 months – valued up to $1000
24 May 2017
To enter the competition, simply head to the Safe365 Facebook page (, like the competition post, share it and tag a person whose business would benefit from the 12-month subs read
Safe365 Launches Integrated Document Management System
16 May 2017
The New Zealand based company has made it easier and simpler for businesses to keep track of health and safety in the workplace, with the introduction of their online document management system. read
Enabling Businesses to Enhance Workplace Health and Safety
13 April 2017
Safe365 has developed a pioneering tool which allows businesses to measure and validate their health and safety culture and behaviours. read
What does it take to be Groundbreaking for Health & Safety Visibility?
13 March 2017
Safe365 is a groundbreaking solution for supply chain health and safety visibility! read
Culture & Behaviour 360 Audit and Benchmarking Data? YES PLEASE!
10 March 2017
How is your business tracking relative to the market when it comes to health and safety capability? Want to know what % of businesses are generally compliant with H&S legislation? Safe365 has the answers! read
Safe365 Attends the National Forestry Industry Safety Summit
03 March 2017
Nathan Hight and Mark Kidd, co-founders of pioneering health and safety company Safe365, manned a trade stall at the National Forestry Industry Safety Summit in Rotorua to showcase read
Context is King!
21 September 2016
There is lots of noise out in the marketplace from concerned small to medium businesses regarding health and safety. Many miss the importance of context! read
H&S Governance Requirements for SME’s
16 September 2016
What are directors and trustees of SME's, not for profits and trusts required to do when it comes to health and safety? read
Its about culture!
09 September 2016
We have seen the TV ads and heard the rhetoric about culture and behaviours – but what does that all mean?! read


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