Competing for Government Work – Do you have a compelling Health and Safety story?

23 July 2019

Competing for Government Work – Do you have a compelling Health and Safety story?

The 4th edition of the Government Procurement Rules was released in June 2019 and come into effect on 1 October 2019.  These rules detail what the NZ Government expects from suppliers as they tender for work with the public service.

The revised version of these rules are making it mandatory for each NZ government agency to consider, and incorporate where appropriate, ‘Broader Outcomes’ when purchasing goods, services or construction works.  Broader Outcomes are the environmental, social, economic or cultural benefits from procurement. 

What do the new rules mean for Health and Safety?

While there are other changes (i.e. a focus on improving construction sector skills and training and the reduction of waste and emissions etc.), the health and safety impacts are of particular interest to Safe365.  From this perspective, the essential rules include:

  • Rule 18 - Construction Skills and Training - Agencies must also consider the Health and Safety practices of a supplier, including the Health and Safety training they provide to their employees.
  • Rule 19 – Improving Conditions for New Zealand Workers - For designated contracts, agencies must require their suppliers to ensure and demonstrate that they, and their domestic supply chain, comply with all relevant employment standards and health and safety requirements
  • Rule 25 - An agency should require prime contractors to meet specific standards in its subcontracting. The guidance suggests that it is crucial that subcontractors have excellent standards, particularly in employment, health and safety, and supporting training and skills development.

For more information check out the new rules (


How can Safe365 help?

The Safe365 system can help businesses (big or small) achieve the outcomes required by the new rules, especially with being able to demonstrate your health & safety maturity as a business as well as providing greater understanding and visibility of your supply chain.  A number of our clients use Safe365 across their business as well as across their supply chain.  They use Safe365 to better understand the maturity of the subcontractor's health and safety practices, monitor these over time and help them grow their practices to the required standards. 

If you want to win and retain Government work, Safe365 will be a great asset fo your business.  If you are seeking greater visibility and you're seeking to improve health and safety across your supply chain, Safe365 can help. 

Start a full feature free trial or contact the Safe365 team on 0800 SAFE 365 or to have a chat about your needs.

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