COVID-19 well-being & engagement survey added to Safe365 platform and available free of charge

30 March 2020

Check-in on the well-being of your remote team, identify and address the critical issues for your workers during COVID-19 and ensure your team remains engaged, healthy and effective.

Following on from Safe365’s announcement on 26 March that it is offering a FREE health and safety smartphone app to all SME’s globally with up to 200 workers, Safe365 have today confirmed release of a free workforce engagement survey, dedicated to critical COVID-19 related issues for employers and workers.


Safe365 Co-Founder Nathan Hight said the new survey is part of Safe365’s response to the challenges posed to businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly SME’s, who had to rapidly adjust to a new normal of working remotely. “As the global economy gets into the day to day realities of working from home and an uncertain future remains for many in terms of their job viability, finances, health and so on, many experts are predicting significant increases in well-being related issues. More than ever, it is critical for employers to regularly reach out to their team and ensure everyone is OK and has everything they need. Inevitably, issues will emerge and if an employer can rapidly understand them, they can engage with their workforce and find solutions or provide support in a meaningful and targeted manner” says Hight.


The new survey tool is available now to all existing and new users including those businesses accessing the special Safe365 COVID-19 Free Subscription.  The survey is activated from the Safe365 performance console and pushes out to all connected users on the Safe365 smartphone app. Responses are anonymized and provided back to the employer for rapid interpretation and action including the top 5 key areas going well for the company and the top 5 areas for improvement for the company COVID-19 response. “The concept for this survey is the employer can push it out each week throughout the COVID-19 crisis as a pulse check, it takes 5 minutes for the worker to respond via the Safe365 app, and the employer can monitor changes in the pulse of the workforce and target support and engagement efforts using the data generated by the surveys” says Mark Kidd, Co-Founder of Safe365.


Safe365 has been inundated with enquires and sign-ups from businesses in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, and other locations since announcing its free subscription plan to support small to medium-sized enterprises through the health, safety and well-being challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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