Culture & Behaviour 360 Audit and Benchmarking Data? YES PLEASE!

10 March 2017

It’s new & disruptive. It is empowering entities of all sizes and industries to understand and enhance health & safety.

And now Safe365 can help clients better understand and engage their workforce with our “Safe365-360” tool which enables businesses to measure and validate health & safety culture and behaviours, identify strengths and blind spots and make improvements. Want to be in our beta group? Email for more info!

How is your business tracking relative to the market when it comes to health and safety capability? Want to know what % of businesses are generally compliant with H&S legislation? Want to have the comfort of knowing your business is ahead of the game? Safe365 also now offer all clients benchmarking data as part of their annual subscription! Speak to our sales team at or get started at

Safe365 is the unique, cost-effective, cloud-based solution quickly becoming the secret weapon for many businesses wanting to ensure their people go home safely each day, that directors meet their individual due diligence requirements, and the entity achieves legal compliance. Safe365 is gaining rapid market traction, already boasting NZ’s most well-known brands as clients. To get your organisation onto a no obligation free trial visit .

Become a safe organisation now

Self-assess, diagnose and develop a health and safety compliance action plan with Safe365.


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