Deloitte and Safe365 Launch New Alliance.

23 March 2020

This month, Deloitte New Zealand and Safe365 launched a new alliance that provides Kiwi businesses a new and comprehensive health and safety solution.  This new offering ensures businesses can efficiently measure, monitor and improve health and safety within their organisations.

“This alliance will make an impact that matters for businesses by strengthening health and safety management and outcomes through greater transparency and accountability,” said Monika Wakeman, Director, Risk Advisory Services, Deloitte.  “The health and safety of working New Zealanders is of utmost importance, and this new offering provides a comprehensive and efficient tool for businesses to improve processes and reduce harm.

 “Safe365 already supports thousands of kiwi businesses through our digital platform that makes modern health and safety simple and easy to understand, ensuring business leaders are aware and supported to perform their governance and leadership responsibilities to a high standard” says Nathan Hight, Co-Founder of Safe365.

Deloitte NZ provides health and safety professional services to private and public sector clients across New Zealand. We have a team of specialists who deliver advisory support to health and safety governance and management, operating models, programme development, and independent assessments. We provide a holistic view on the impacts of health and safety to a business.

Safe365’s digital ecosystem enables clients to measure and benchmark their business across a suite of 84 lead health and safety maturity indicators aligned to the latest research, regulatory requirements and recognised standards, to maintain ongoing visibility of their safety maturity through powerful visual dashboards, and take a data-driven approach that strengthens the business.

Together Deloitte and Safe365 offer businesses a clear pathway for health and safety improvement through refined reporting, management and interpretation.  The new collaboration, backed by the integration of digital tools and human experience, ensures that New Zealand businesses can provide a healthy and safe environment for employees with minimal compliance costs.

Businesses of all sizes and industries will now have access to a suite of integrated health and safety tools and personalised support.  This interdisciplinary and supportive approach offers businesses an easier way to keep employees healthy and safe.




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