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13 April 2017

Safe365 has developed a pioneering tool which allows businesses to measure and validate their health and safety culture and behaviours.

Safe365’s health and safety culture survey will help clients identify strengths and weaknesses in their organisation’s health and safety culture, blind spots and areas for improvement to ensure continuous improvement in the organisation’s health and safety culture and behaviors.

“It’s pretty ground-breaking stuff,” says Safe365 co-founder Mark Kidd.  “When you look at behavioural change in human beings, particularly in safety, there’s a five-stage maturity model that organisations typically work through starting at the less mature end with box ticking compliance through to the more mature end where leaders, managers, staff and contractors take total responsibility for how they behave and approach health and safety in the workplace – it is the behavioural things that people do that will fundamentally create a healthier and safer work environment”.  

“The holy grail is around a totally collective culture towards health and safety embedded within the business culture.”

Mr Kidd says the Safe365 Culture Survey enables clients to gain feedback from their management, employees and contractors regarding the status of the culture and the level of engagement around health and safety in the workplace and then compares this to what the Board, CEO and Executive think is happening. The new tool aligns and integrates with Safe365’s existing ‘whole of business’ capability product to give the client an “end to end” view of their systems, processes and capability through to understanding the extent to which health and safety behaviours are embedded in the culture of the business.

“The only way to know how you’re going along the continuum is to measure it.  There are very few products in the market that allow you to do that effectively.”

To use the tool, the client enters an email address and designates a role to each respondent in the survey – Board member, CEO, Executive Team, Manager, Staff or Contractor. 

“It then gets pulsed out online,” says Mr Kidd, “the respondents receive an email in their inbox, they rate the performance of the organisation under what we call the ‘five pillars of organisational culture and behaviour,’ along with a sixth pillar to accommodate industry specific questions. In the fullness of time we will benchmark against the five core pillars so that organisations can compare and benchmark themselves to others. There are only 30 questions so this is not a time consuming exercise.

“The findings allow the business, board, senior management and owners to get a really solid, validated view from their workforce about just how well imbedded health and safety is in their culture and respond accordingly.  It’s very powerful,” says Mr Kidd. 

“Now that we’ve developed this model, we’re in the beta testing stage of it with several of our clients – some of whom include New Zealand’s most well-known and established brands. We are also using internationally recognised experts to validate our work based on international research.”

Mr Kidd says, “this is a game changer.”


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