Free mobile safety app for businesses from Safe365 to support remote ways of working during COVID-19.

26 March 2020

Free mobile safety app for businesses from Safe365 to support remote ways of working during COVID-19.

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The Safe365 team have been working around the clock for the past week with our partners and clients to provide as much support as we can through #covid19 related challenges using our digital tools. The challenges we are seeing out there drive right at the core of who we are as a company and why we exist. Our purpose is to protect people. As a result of that work, we will be announcing a number of initiatives this week to support the SME community through a really difficult time. 


The first of these initiatives was to set up a free 'working from home set up checklist' that Safe365 users can access on our smartphone app to support workers and their employer with these new ways of working. While 'working from home' has been around for larger corporate entities, approx. 80% of SME's have not previously been through setting up this arrangement. This is now live for about 3,000 entities and feedback has been incredibly humbling. It has motivated us to do more. We know many SME’s are struggling for cashflow and need to stay connected to their workforce more than ever through this really challenging period.


The next initiative we are announcing now is that we are making the Safe365 smartphone app and Performance Console available FREE to new SME’s for the next 6 months on our Starter Plans. To further extend that support, we have also unbundled the normal 5 FTE smartphone connections and increased this to 200 FTE. That means businesses with <200 staff that need a digital solution to support them through working from home set up can access this at no cost for 6 months. This includes all features on the Safe365 smartphone app including incident/event reporting, risk & hazard reporting, culture & engagement surveys plus as many bespoke/custom checklists your workplace needs through this challenging period. There is no obligation to buy Safe365.


We appreciate we are a very small part of a very complex suite of solutions relating to COVID-19, but we hope that in a small but meaningful way, this offer for SME’s out there – in any country – will provide a little extra support to ensure you stay connected to your team and keep them healthy and safe while working remotely.


If you know any SME's in your network, please help us by sharing this opportunity so the SME community is aware of it.


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