Having An Intelligent Health and Safety System Is A Necessity

10 August 2018

4 Key Reasons to Use Safe365’s Intelligent Health and Safety System in Your Business


  1. Safe365 enables health and safety to be easily understood by everyone, at a great price

There is a certain level of mystique around health and safety, with many businesses not knowing what is actually required of them says co-founder of Safe365, Nathan Hight.

“The traditional model of paying a health and safety consultant to complete a gap analysis of your business is totally disrupted using Safe365. Clients report having spent from $5,000 to $30,000 on a health and safety consultant, just to find out where they are at before any improvements are made” says Hight.

Safe365 replicates this process at $999 per annum and provides full transparency to its clients around any improvements which are needed.

“In many cases, using an external health and safety consultant is well worth the investment,” says Mr Hight.  “However, we’d rather see our clients spending their hard earned cash on solutions and improving, rather than simply finding out where the problems might be – but don’t forget Safe365 provides more than 300 practical solutions as well.”


  1. Safe365 improves legal defensibility where accidents and unfortunate incidents occur

“As much as we want to avoid harm at work, the reality in this economy is that we must have a tolerance for some level of risk, otherwise the majority of operations could not be conducted,” says Mr Hight.

“Where there is risk, sadly, there will be accidents from time to time. When accidents occur, it may become necessary to demonstrate to the regulatory authority that the business, its directors and management, have all acted reasonably to manage health and safety risks to levels as low as reasonably practicable.  If used appropriately, Safe365 allows a business to demonstrate this very easily, because the system records the business’s progress in measuring and improving its health and safety capability.


  1. Safe365 is good for business and good for the bottom line

Safe365 enables users to make the work environment healthier and safer for everyone involved with the business.

“More people actively at work and less people being away on sick or injury leave, means stronger productivity and profitability for the business,” says Mr Hight.


  1. Safe365 are thought leaders and innovators

Safe365 is no ordinary health and safety business. The company is constantly challenging the status quo with new features and enhancements so it can build a world class product – all based on client engagement and international best practice.  Safe365’s new document library, which stores client health and safety information in the cloud, ensures accessibly and security 24/7 while the company’s new health and safety ‘Culture 360’ product will help organisations understand the extent to which health and safety is embedded in their culture, identifying strengths, blind spots and areas for improvement.

“Safe365 would like to thank some of NZ’s leading brands for working with us to enable this innovation to happen,” says Mark Kidd, Co-founder of Safe365.  “We just keep innovating and will continue to disrupt the status quo for the significant benefit for our growing list of clients.”


About Safe365:

ASSESS, DIAGNOSE AND IMPROVE:  The intelligent online application that assesses your organisation, develops your personalised health and safety action plan and provides you with the support you need to improve. Visit www.safe365.global.com  to find out more!



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