How Young NZ Farmers Stay Safe

2 June 2017

Carolyn Bennett, National Events and Marketing Manager for New Zealand Young Farmers, says Safe365 is making her job easier with a platform which keeps track of health and safety requirements throughout the organisation.

“We use it from a top down perspective so the board and the leadership team can ensure we’re doing everything possible for the health and safety of our organisation,” says Carolyn.

“Safe365 gives us the ability to check big groups of work to make sure we’re on track.  It also gives direction on how to fix things when required.” 

Carolyn says this is the first system she has come across which has these capabilities. 

“There are systems available to manage hazards and risks but Safe365 also allows us to make sure our processes and procedures are correct,” she says.

“The best part is that it allows us to track whether we’re up to standard with our requirements and if we find we’re lacking in something, we can go into each of the sections to view hints and tips on how to fix it and access examples and templates.”

“It’s really easy to use and everybody loves the fact that it’s colour coded because that way I can send people a graph and they know that if the majority is green, then we’re on track and they don’t need to delve too much further into it, which is awesome.”

New Zealand Young Farmers (NZYF) is a non-profit organisation aimed at developing leadership, practical and personal skills for rural youth through meetings, events, social activities and competitions.

With more than 70 clubs situated around New Zealand, NZYF provides support and development opportunities for rural youth, through a nationwide network and collaboration with key industry allies and partners within the dairy, sheep and beef industries.


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