New Safe365 Subscription Plans Are Here!

24 March 2020

This week Safe365 launched a series of new subscription plans to the market. The new feature plans have been designed based on customer feedback, recognising the different needs that micro, SME and larger businesses have. Businesses can now access plans from as low as $39/month ex sales tax.


What are the new subscription plans?

The new subscription plans have a mix of features based on the general needs of different-sized businesses. Safe365 is driven to provide all businesses with access to modern, cost-effective technology that can support them to improve health, safety & well-being, productivity, quality and business performance.

  1. Starter Plan
  2. Essentials Plan
  3. Professional Plan
  4. Performance Plan
  5. Enterprise Plan

What are the key differences in the new subscription plans?

Safe365’s maturity assessment is less relevant for a micro-businesses with <5 staff, however, these clients have told us they love using the Safe365 smartphone app and performance console with its rich feature set comprising incident/event reporting, hazard/risk reporting, safety observations, customised checks, audits & inspections. Safe365’s new Starter Plan represents a simple, easy, cost-effective solution that clients buy and use out of the box to engage team members, remove paper-based reporting, strengthen execution of daily routines & processes in the business and demonstrate capability to their clients.

The Safe365 Essentials Plan comes with the popular Safe365 Maturity Assessment, interactive starburst dashboard, 300 tools, templates & playbooks to support improvements plus a bundle of 20 smartphone app connections – meaning this is a great solution for a small business wanting to both understand and improve health & safety maturity as well as using the Safe365 smartphone app and performance console to underpin day to day management of health & safety in the business.

The Safe365 Professional Plan is very similar to the Essentials Plan but comes with an out of the box bundle of 100 smartphone app connections – meaning this is a great solution for a mid-sized business. Customers who purchase Professional Plans also get access to implementation support beyond the ‘self-service’ tools offered with the Starter and Essentials Plans.

The Safe365 Performance Plan is the full cream plan for medium-sized businesses wanting a little more hands-on support and comes with 200 smartphone app connections. Later in 2020, Performance Plan customers will also have access to exciting new features to support them with contractor management!

Safe365 has seen significant growth in larger enterprises looking to unlock value from using Safe365. The needs of larger businesses are unique, including using Safe365 across multiple business units/sites, having aggregated reporting, setting up app users by workgroups, single sign-on support, having dedicated account managers and other premium services. Our Enterprise Plans are designed and priced in consultation with each customer based on what is most appropriate for their operating context.

Full overview of each subscription plan and its pricing is included on our website here.

What does this mean for me as an existing Safe365 customer?

These changes do not affect enterprise (i.e. multi-site, bespoke services) customers in any way.

Existing customers will remain on their existing plan at the existing price for a full 12 months before needing to choose one of the available subscription plans as the existing ‘standard plan’ gets phased out. This 12 month lead-in will apply from whatever is your current renewal anniversary date.  Clients are able to change plans at any stage in advance of the standard plan phase-out to take advantage of pricing and or feature benefits for their desired plan. This work all relates to providing relevant and flexible solutions to our clients and has been largely steered by our customer network.

What does this mean for me as a Not-For-Profit Safe365 customer?

Safe365 remains committed to supporting all of our not-for-profit clients which include schools, sport and recreation organisations, church groups, NGO’s, registered charities and arts & culture groups. Our NFP pricing program will remain unchanged – all these clients can continue to access our market-leading 30% off RRP for the selected plan that meets your needs. For new clients, all you need to do is submit a quick webform from our website, pricing page, which helps us verify your Not for Profit status and we provide you with a special promotional code that adjusts your subscription pricing.

What does this mean if I am currently a monthly subscriber?

Clients that subscribe on a ‘pay monthly’ plan receive the same 12-month period from their next anniversary date as an annual subscriber does. Clients are able to change plans at any stage in advance of the standard plan phase-out to take advantage of pricing and or feature benefits for their desired plan.

Did you know you can now interact with a fully functioning, pre-populated demo?

To save you time to help evaluate the rapidly increasing capability of the Safe365 platform and to work out what plan might best suit your business, we have created a demo mode which is free to use. The demo creates a virtual business with pre-populated profile data as if you were logged in to an existing customer profile. You can navigate around the product, enter new data, test features to see how they work. It takes under 1 minute to gain access and start learning about the Safe365 platform. Demo mode resets every 7 days after you activate a new demo profile.


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