Don’t let a lack of connectivity stop you from being awesome at health and safety!

20 March 2020

Working on a site with a lack of internet connectivity or when your device transmitting function must be disabled?


How can your workers maintain critical daily routines and reporting without online access?


Safe365 provides an intelligent smartphone app that supports workers with an offline mode. It can enable them to record incidents, risks/hazards, complete safety checks, audits & inspections with the data syncing with the organisation’s web-based performance console as soon as the device is within internet coverage (via WiFi or mobile network).


Employers are required by legislation to take reasonable steps to protect the health, safety and well-being of all workers in whatever environment they may work in. Many mobile solutions do not provide offline features which often renders technology unusable away from connectivity. Therefore, being able to seamlessly use the same smartphone application in or out of coverage makes it easier for the team.


There are many reasons why mobile internet connectivity can be unreliable, unstable or unavailable due to mobile provider faults, weather conditions, the proximity of landmass or simply because there is no mobile network provided to the location. When this occurs it shouldn’t be the end of a worker’s ability to capture important data from the field as they would normally in an area with connectivity.


Remote workers can be sub-consciously complacent about their safety, partly because they lack immediate supervision.  The Safe365 smartphone app’s rich features maximize integration with existing smartphone services such as GPS, time/date stamping, climate integrations, and multimedia tools. Safe365 is a great asset to your workforce for building stronger engagement and making positive daily routines easy and accessible to all workers.


Safe365’s smartphone functionality encourages workers to execute consistent daily routines, even when not connected online. This provides visibility & accountability to the employer and ensures requirements in the field are met or exceeded in accordance with your company’s health and safety policy.


Interested? Download the Safe365 smartphone app free via the App Store or on Google Play.

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