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20 May 2022


Introducing our latest partner – Tap Into Safety 

Across Safe365’s client base of >5,000 businesses, our benchmarking data shows that many of our clients have gaps in their health and safety knowledge at contractor, worker, manager and even Director level.  

In addition, we’ve had many Safe365 clients approach our Customer Success Team about where they can access reputable online learning content for their teams across a wide range of topics.  

As a result, Safe365 have established a partnership with award-winning eLearning platform, Tap Into Safety.


eLearning that makes an impact 

Tap Into Safety was established in 2014 with a vision to keep employees both physically and psychologically safe, using engaging training.  

The integrated eLearning platform currently serves over 1100 clients across a range of industries and sizes, providing globally-relevant, off-the-shelf and custom-built business training courses around workplace safety, mental health literacy, leader, manager and supervisor soft skills, and governance and compliance.  

The courses have been shown to reduce workplace injuries by 20%, increase hazard reporting by 150%, and improve workplace mental health literacy by 100% - all of which we think are worthy of letting our customers know about.  


No-fuss, and easy-to-use 

Tap into Safety simplifies how you deliver workplace learning, inductions and onboarding, making it easy for teams to upskill and continually improve their health and safety capability. All training is online, mobile-friendly, and gamified, with micro-learning delivery, and underpinned by a proven research methodology.  


Expertise to help your business improve your Safety Index score 

Improving your team’s health and safety skills and knowledge, and staying up to date means teams can collectively create safer working environments. Director, management and worker/contractor health and safety knowledge are all modules that make up your overall Safety Index rating. Improving this will help to move your business up the Safe365 Maturity Roadmap towards health and safety excellence. 

Click here to view the courses available, or reach out to Tap into Safety Founder Dr Susanne Bahn at 

For more about Tap into Safety, visit 

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