Qualify365 by Safe365 approved as Totika Gold Member Scheme

12 February 2021

Safe365’s new pre-qualification product Qualify365 has been confirmed today as a GOLD Tōtika Member Scheme by Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ).


Tōtika is New Zealand’s first nationally recognised, cross-industry health and safety pre-qualification scheme. There is a strong desire within the industry (from both clients and contractors alike) for a common pre-qualification standard and streamlined pre-qualification process; Tōtika has been developed to deliver these outcomes and Qualify365 is the very first certified member scheme approved.

“Our purpose at Safe365 has always been to provide innovative digital tools that support businesses to elevate health and safety performance – it’s good for people and it’s good for their business” say Safe365’s Co-Founders Nathan Hight and Mark Kidd.

Nick Engelmann, Qualify365’s lead moderator says “introducing Qualify365 to the market enables contractors to access a professional, customer-focused, cost-effective health and safety pre-qualification product with the assurance of it being certified against the only recognised standard – Tōtika”.

Safe365 is also in the unique position of being able to offer customers significant added value through access to our broader digital ecosystem which supports effective safety governance and continual improvement as well as our popular smartphone app and performance console to support positive daily routines on the job. Joining the Safe365 community enables all clients to benefit from our market-leading benchmarking data and insights.

It’s an exciting time to “go digital” with your health and safety if you haven’t yet taken the plunge!

To learn more about Qualify365 Totika pre-qualification, click here.

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