Return to work features added to the free Safe365 mobile health and safety app to help businesses during Covid-19

20 April 2020

Return to work features added to the free Safe365 mobile health and safety app to help businesses during Covid-19


  • Free construction worker daily check in tool & construction manager checklist to assist in meeting COVID-19 Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations.

  • Worker induction ‘top-up’ checklist to help meet government COVID-19 requirements

  • GPS, time/date data, personal identification on data points to assist with contact tracing investigations 


With many countries now seeing the results of successful lockdowns in the form of reduced positive COVID-19 testing and reduced transmission rates, there is scope for greater economic activity to resume. As per the government’s recent statements, ‘things will not be the same again…’ with an expectation those businesses that trade do so with a clear and effective plan to manage COVID-19 related risks.


At the core of this is the need to undertake operations within a new health and safety paradigm which, in addition to managing the pre-COVID19 risks (‘old normal’), centers around managing pandemic related factors of physical distancing, contact tracing and transmission minimization strategies (‘new normal’).


We have seen a huge surge in businesses taking up Safe365’s COVID-19 free subscription plan and a large number of existing clients adopting deeper use of our performance console and smartphone app – already available with their Safe365 subscription. The key feature getting the most use is our checklist zone. This feature enables the business to set up and deploy practical checklists for your workforce to use via the Safe365 smartphone app. The data is instantly then made available on the performance console and provides critical COVID-19 data such as GPS location, identity, time & date stamping of every record which helps with downstream contact tracing if required.


Safe365 has today released three new digital checklists. Two are specifically designed to support construction businesses with meeting the COVID-19 Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations (a daily worker ‘pre-start’ checklist and a construction manager checklist). The third checklist is a generic worker induction checklist that any business can use as part of preparing their workforce as part of their COVID-19 operational plan. Each of the checklists are available ‘out of the box’ and can also be edited to meet any other specific requirements a business may have. The specially designed “COVID-19 subscription” to access these digital tools is free of charge. In addition, Safe365 provides a free daily webinar (Mon- to Fri at 11am NZT) to support new businesses with getting started (click here to find out how to access the daily webinar). The tools provide practical guidance to support workers with undertaking work safely while assisting employers with meeting their obligations.


These initiatives are in addition to the working from home checklist, Covid-19 remote workforce well-being survey and essential worker checklists made available to support our essential businesses through the lockdown period which hundreds of businesses have taken advantage of thus far.


If you are a SME with up to 200FTE and need assistance with meeting the safe operating requirements for COVID-19, you can start for free in just a few minutes.


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