Safe365 App is Live!

22 February 2019

Safe365® is pleased to announce this significant new release that will further support our customers with achieving “aware, enabled and effective” health, safety and well being at work.

Assess, improve & monitor your organisations health, safety & well being capability, culture, performance and engagement. Safer workforce. Better business.

The Safe365® smartphone app, available on both Apple & Android and supported with a new website console for management, enables individual workers to download the app to their smart device, create their own unique profile including training records/licenses, connect to their employer and share operational health and safety data including incident/event reports, new risks & hazards, tool box talks, safety observations, audits & checklists. The app also provides a health, safety and well being workforce engagement survey.

“We have developed this suite of features in response to feedback and input from our customers. We have involved our clients in the development and testing of the app and we are delighted to be able to include the new management web console with 100 app connections as part of the existing Safe365® subscription proposition. At RRP of just $999 annually or $99 monthly, this provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to manage their health, safety & well being capability, culture and performance at a great price” says Nathan Hight, Safe365® co-founder & director. Larger clients who purchase multiple Safe365 dashboards have the 100 app user bundle included with each dashboard purchased with the ability to top up the app connections as required, ensuring Safe365® continues to serve its larger clients as well as the hundreds of SME’s who use the existing product. “Feedback from clients thus far is that our existing capability & culture product, enhanced with the Safe365® smartphone app, represents phenomenal value for money while retaining Safe365’s base values of being simple, easy and intuitive to use” says Hight.

There is a lot more to come says Hight. “As a rapidly growing business with users in 20 countries, we will continue to evolve Safe365® as a product to support businesses globally. We are currently engaging with our customer focus groups on significant product development projects scheduled for 2019 which will further support clients with using the power of data to save lives and strengthen business performance”.

Summary of key benefits:

1. Validate & verify elements of your Safe365® Safety Index using the survey tool, data collection and checklist tools – build greater assurance to directors and management that the business is meeting its responsibilities under legislation.
2. Save time & improve data quality through maximizing use of in device integrations including GPS, images, video, audio recordings, time, date, climate, maps.
3. Extract data easily to analyze & report with other data sets (such as Power BI) or import into other systems as needed.
4. No implementation costs, simple to set up ‘out of the box’ using Safe365® video tutorials.

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