Safe365 Launches Integrated Document Management System

16 May 2017

Safe365 is constantly developing and improving its product.  With their latest development, the New Zealand based company has made it easier and simpler for businesses to keep track of health and safety in the workplace, with the introduction of their online document management system. 

The system has a number of features which will add important value to health and safety practices in the workplace.

“It brings the Safe365 product into the daily operating environment for our clients,” says Nathan Hight, co-founder of Safe365.

Mr Hight says the new system allows businesses to effortlessly share information between head office and workers on the ground, as well as outside sources such as health and safety advisors, consultants and sub-contractors.

“Any worker who is undertaking operations on a particular site can log in from anywhere there’s internet, like a smart phone or iPad,” he says.  “They can access the documents at any time and upload additional information like photos or videos or relevant information from the site.  Anyone the organisation has given access to can instantly access and use that information.

“For example, if you’ve got someone out on a job, and they see a particular risk emerge which they’re not sure how to manage, they can take a video or photo, upload it into Safe365, someone at their head office can log in straight away and can see exactly what’s going on.  Then they can contact the person on the ground and provide direction around the safest approach to proceed with that operation. The content is then saved, dated and logged in the system as evidence of demonstrated practice. It brings the product into the daily operating environment for our clients.”

The other significant benefit of the document management system is to allow users to demonstrate the capabilities underpinning their core Safe365 index status. This has significant application for operations involving multiple PCBU’s (suppliers). Parent contractors have a responsibility to have a line of sight on the health and safety capability of their sub-contractors. When used with the multi-user features, a parent contractor can easily see the health and safety status of the sub-contractor and any other parties in that supply chain. The result enables the parent contractor to better meet their “share duties” legal compliance requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

“The beauty of this product over any others is that if there are any gaps identified, Safe365 provides a range of solutions built into system to enable sub-contractors and suppliers to make any improvements quickly and cost effectively,” says Mr Hight.

The document management system is fully integrated into the existing application, with no extra costs to the customer for 2GB of data storage. 

“We know that just over 80 percent of businesses are struggling meet a basic level of compliance with the new health and safety act that came in last year. Safe365 is a solution to help all businesses really understand it, firstly, then put in place appropriate practices to make sure they are compliant and ultimately make sure people get home safely every day.”

“Our existing clients were very happy with the exceptional value already in Safe365 and we are stoked we can now deliver even more value through this new feature release.  We remain committed to building a world leading product from right here in NZ which results in a broad capability increase in work health and safety across the kiwi economy.”

About Safe365:

Safe365 is the intelligent online application that assesses your organisation, develops your personalised health and safety action plan and provides you with the support you need to improve.


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