Supporting NZ's Best Young Farmers

10 July 2017

The NZ Young Farmers finals were held over the weekend 6-9th July 2017 in the Manawatu. Safe365 was onsite for the event to speak to NZ's top farming talent about understanding health & safety risk management in a modern economy.

Safe365's intelligent health and safety software, available online via , enables users to self-assess their organisation in under an hour to get a detailed understanding of their organisation's health and safety capability and identify priority areas that need improvement. The system then matches a suite of helpful, practical solutions to each improvement priority making it very easy to take steps to improve.

Being a mobile friendly design, Safe365 is ideal in supporting NZ's farming sector with making operations safer. The system has its own document library which allows users to upload images, videos or other files directly from their device into their Safe365 account, making it simple and easy to capture & record hazard, risk and incident information on the go. This supports effective record keeping, removes paperwork and maximizes continuous learning around identifying, assessing and effectively managing key risks on the farm.

As an attractive, technology oriented solution, Safe365 is pleased to be able to support NZ's best young farming talent as they forge their way ahead as the future of one of the country's most valuable sectors.

Safe365. It's intelligent health and safety software, for business.



Amanda Barker takes on of NZ's young farmers on a Safe365 tour.

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