Safe365 - What’s in store for 2022?

27 January 2022

Happy new year and all the very best for 2022 as you take on the goals you have set personally and professionally for this year. The change of year is always a great time to reflect, recalibrate and re-energize for the year ahead. This is certainly the case for the Safe365 team as we look to help our customers and partners be successful with their health, safety and well-being objectives – whether that be meeting compliance obligations, leveraging a focus on health and safety to drive improvements to workforce productivity and improved business performance or whether you’re striving to be the safest place on the planet to work. We have customers that Safe365 will be supporting in each of these categories in 2022. Each of them is a privilege to serve through our award winning health, safety and well-being ‘software as a service’ platform, Safe365.

One of the core values of Safe365 since Mark Kidd and I started the company in 2016 is our total commitment to customer centricity. We don’t just ask our customers how they think we are going ‘out of 10’. We ask them ‘what are the features on the platform that if available, would help you better solve your problem…?’ (in other words, ‘how can we add more value to you, our customer?’). As a result of asking this question we have gathered a huge amount of excellent, honest and practical feedback to further elevate Safe365 as a world leading health, safety and well-being software as a service proposition.

This year will see some major new releases onto the platform including:

Supplier Connect: The ability for businesses to connect with each other in order to better coordinate, communicate and consult with each other on work health and safety matters to improve supply chain management for supply chain owners looking downstream and to support supplier businesses improve their customer experience when looking upstream.

Enterprise Connect: This much anticipated feature suite is for our mid to large sized customers who want to manage multiple Safe365 maturity profiles and performance data across an organisation structure.  This new offering will enable all data across an organisation (both maturity and performance data) to be aggregated in real time from individual sites or business units into a whole of organisation view/dashboard, enhancing management oversight across an organisation and streamlining analytics and reporting off the platform.

Workflow Management Engine: This is another popular feature that many customers from sole traders, SMEs and through to our large enterprise and corporate clients have been asking for – and we will be delivering! This upgrade will provide all customers the ability to generate action items / tasks on the platform, allocate users, deadlines and other meta-data tags, the ability for individual users to manage their allocated tasks through to close out and for in-app notifications to remind users of approaching deadlines or reminders.

Web User Experience for Workers: As our customer will know, we originally developed Safe365’s reporting capability to be an ‘app first’ experience which we will continue to enhance. 2022 will however also see the release of our web portal for users to be able to log in via any supported browser and log incidents, events, risks, hazards, complete team surveys, manage tasks and so on. 

Around these major feature developments (and a couple of other concepts we have in design currently I can’t say too much about just yet), we will continue to complete and release minor enhancements to ensure the small things that can make a big difference are also executed to support our valued customer base. We will notify admin users through our monthly customer email newsletter and we also include release notes on our website which we recommend you keep an eye on from time to time. An area of improvement in 2022 we will be focused on is to ensure all customers are aware of new features that become available and that each release is supported with a full ‘release package’ including video demos, release notes and e-learning tools so the value of new features is known and accessible to all customers.

Outside of the core product enhancements outlined above, we will also consider how we can keep improving our customer support services including our support kiosk ( , our self-service tools such as ‘Get Help Here’ with its machine learning feature walk-throughs and our popular Safe365 University with online learning and product micro-credentials to ensure our customers have access to all the tools and resources they need to ensure effective implementation and adoption of Safe365 in their organisation.

The Safe365 team is excited about what 2022 has in store. Our vision is to be the most innovative and enabling work health, safety and well-being software as a service on the planet, for everyday workers. This will only be achieved if we continue to seek to understand what businesses need and want to be great employers, keeping workers safe and well and meeting and exceeding their work health, safety and well-being obligations to their workers. We look forward to working alongside our growing network of health and safety professionals and strategic partners to serve you to meet these objectives in the year ahead.

All the very best for 2022 from Safe365!

Nathan Hight

Co-Founder & Director

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