The Bogged Down Board Report

3 January 2021

Any active safety professional would know the term “Safety Clutter” essentially the accumulation of safety procedures, documents, roles, and activities that are performed in the name of safety but do not contribute to the safety of operations. The concept is not new. We’ve all been part of an organisation that is seemingly swimming in safety processes and documentation that add little value to an organisation’s operations.

What if this concept was applied to the way safety is reported to the Executive or Board?

The worst case of Board Reporting I have seen was a 180-page tome of Safety information that went up to a Board on a six-weekly cycle. Pages of graphs and statistics, meticulously compiled over two weeks by three staff members, with commentary and detailed strategy. The result? The entire report was breezed over within fifteen minutes with many questions going unanswered, primarily because;

  • The Safety team failed to articulate a compelling story;
  • The compiled statistics had no meaning to the Board;
  • It was a novel, and a poor one at that!

Directors and Executive members walked away from the safety report having absorbed nothing and confused about what it all meant, a perfect example of Clutter.

A Solution?

There are some great resources available to develop a compelling, insightful and engaging experience for your next board report. The centrepiece of which should be the SAFE365 dashboard. By utilising the SAFE365 starburst, the reader can quickly identify those areas of the business that require attention, and those working effectively.

Understanding the Audience

The SAFE365 starburst is a great first step and combining this with the New Zealand Institute of Directors Good Governance Guide will quickly develop a report that not only satisfies the due diligence requirements of the Board but also ensures that the report is targeted and focused, that the safety message is not lost in a lot of noise and that your target audience is engaged.


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