What does it take to be Groundbreaking for Health & Safety Visibility?

13 March 2017

By Tristan Hooker/MediaPA

With the help of Safe365, large corporate organisations, government departments and local councils are starting to play a greater leadership role in improving the safety of not just their own entity but across their entire supply chain.

Safe365 is a cloud-based self-assessment and continuous improvement tool which is helping businesses understand and improve their health and safety capabilities and, in the case of larger organisations, allowing them to manage third-party providers and sub-contractors.

Safe365 recently participated in the Co-operative Business Leaders’ Forum held at Auckland’s Fonterra Centre on March 3rd.  Craig Presland, CEO of Cooperative Business NZ, says changes in New Zealand’s health and safety legislation has heightened the awareness of many of their member organisations, who collectively represent 17.6% of New Zealand GDP, about their health and safety responsibilities.

“The 2015 health and safety legislation has heightened the awareness of many organisations within New Zealand about their overall corporate and social responsibilities when it comes to health and safety,” says Mr Presland.  “It also places responsibility on organisations to ensure the health and safety of third parties engaged to do work on their behalf, for example sub-contractors.”

Safe365 software provides businesses with immediate insight into their health and safety position and what they need to do to improve it.  At the click of a button, Safe365 creates a development plan with recommended actions to improve any areas where the business is exposed.

Co-founder of Safe365, Mark Kidd, says there has been a change in corporate thinking around health and safety in not just business but the community as a whole.

“Historically the fixation has been on ensuring their own compliance but for several of our clients they are now taking a leadership role in improving health and safety for themselves and the third party providers or sub-contractors they engage across their supply chain,” says Mr Kidd.

“It’s really about a healthy and safe supply chain from end to end, rather than each component looking after themselves only.”


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