SAFE365 Checklists - It doesn't need to be just about safety!

11 December 2020

To reduce paper clutter and streamline safety processes, there has been a trend over the past number of years to produce digital solutions within Occupational Health and Safety to promote a better end-user experience. Simplifying a process in an operational context goes a long way to ensuring that safety is not an overhead but rather an integrated business solution that saves the end-user time while contributing to a positive safety experience.

A Solution?

A much often overlooked feature within SAFE365 is the inbuilt checklist feature, but what is this, and can it work for your business? A Digitised checklist solution is not a new idea and is only a small solution within the operational safety landscape. Within SAFE365, Owners can develop a checklist for anything, be it a morning walk around inspection, a Toolbox attendance checklist, or even something more advanced such as a First Aid risk assessment or even a hazardous substances audit.


In the below example, is a simple daily forklift pre start checklist, this took 15 minutes to create and was rolled out to forklift operators instantaneously. This particular checklist has been setup so that the floor supervisor is notified when a checklist is completed and if there are any problems identified on the Forklifts.

Can we help you take your safety to the next level? Do you want to operationalise safety and fully integrate into your workforces daily routines? Contact us now to find out how!

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