Our customers talk about the product as their 'consultant in the cloud', a digital ecosystem always there to support them with making the workplace healthy and safe. 9 out of 10 clients said they'd recommend Safe365 to family and colleagues.

We spoke to over 1,000 businesses of all sizes and industries about their challenges with building and sustaining a safe, compliant work environment.

What they told us is that 4 in 5 businesses are struggling to build and sustain the most basic capabilities and culture characteristics needed to achieve basic legal compliance. When it comes to safety, compliance should be the entry point... not the final destination.

In an uncertain world, this current state of play represents critical levels of risk exposure across many businesses and for the directors or officers of those businesses.

Safe365 was founded in 2016 by Nathan Hight and Mark Kidd and is currently headquartered in New Zealand. Safe365 is now available globally with businesses using the product in 37 countries (to date). 

Our vision is to develop and sustain globally leading software as service solutions that enable growth of work health and safety capability across the world ensuring more workers go home safely each day. 

Safe365 has been developed in conjunction with the latest academic research, local legislation/regulations and relevant ISO standards (such as ISO45001, ISO18001 & ISO31000). At a technical level, the product is supported by a panel of internationally recognized health and safety/risk management professionals from New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.



An intelligent health and safety solution that enables you to rapidly assess your business health & safety maturity, see where your gaps in capability are as a business, benchmark your business against the market and access solutions to improve in the areas that need it the most.