Better governance, improved performance.

Govn365 is a digital tool designed to review, assess and improve organisational governance. Based off Safe365’s award winning platform, Govn365 makes business governance easy. 

Clarify your strengths and weaknesses

Like Safe365, Govn365 offers a walk through self assessment of key industry areas, in this case, organisational governance. It then produces a powerful Governance Maturity Starburst that visualises your organisations strengths and weaknesses. Following on from this, it provides a roadmap to improvement with goal setting and task assignment functionality alongside 300+ supporting documents that enable your team to upskill with ease.

Lead with Confidence

Govn365 gives Directors, Chairs and C-Suite Executives complete visibility of business activities so they can make informed decisions and lead with confidence. Developed alongside international governance standard ISO 37000 and industry best practices, Govn365 is the quickest way to accurately identify what your organisation is doing well and uncover where it can do better.

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Govn365 provides a suite of tools to improve the governance of your organisation.