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29 March 2019

Safe365 can now provide a solution for organisations to keep track of health and safety capability and compliance throughout their entire supply chain.

A supply chain can consist of multiple organisations, including the parent organisation, contractors and subcontractors, all working towards supplying a particular product or service.  Under the Health and Safety Act, each entity is known as a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking).

“The parent PCBU has a responsibility over what the others are doing, to ensure health and safety is being managed appropriately,” says Nathan Hight, co-founder of Safe365. 

“Where Safe365 is really useful in that situation is to use the visual dashboard, as well as multi-user functionality and document library, which allow parent PCBUs, contractors and subcontractors to share their Safe365 status and all relevant health and safety documents with the other organisations in the supply chain.”

“This allows all parties to exercise due diligence and have the ability to see the health and safety capabilities of the other PCBUs involved in the operation, to make sure everyone’s got what they need, based on the work they’re doing for each other.  It makes the whole process efficient and lean.” 

Mr Hight says this is a game changer in providing holistic health and safety across multiple organisations who are collectively involved in delivering a product or service.

“When you think about project management companies, you look at large contracting organisations who have hundreds, if not thousands, of supplier subcontractors.  In that context Safe365 is a very cost effective solution to help the organisations meet their legal compliance.

“A large organisation might have 20, 30, 50 or 100 subcontractors on a project.  If they’re all using Safe365 and communicating and sharing that information with the contractor, we can file reports using data from the entire supply chain, then support each organisation involved with implementing solutions if gaps or vulnerabilities are identified.  Those areas can then be targeted to make sure any problems are addressed to maximise the best outcome for our clients.

“Rather than every sub-contractor having to scramble to provide different information to different parent contractors, they can simply share their Safe365 status with any other PCBU they wish to. Ultimately, it allows the organisations that are involved to speak a common language when it comes to health and safety – something the industry has been seeking for some time.”



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