Want Access to Unique Benchmarking Data?

25 January 2019

Safe 365 Customers Get Access to Unique Benchmarking Data


Health and safety information technology provider, Safe365, has launched an additional feature for their product, which enables customers to access critical data to help them understand where they’re placed in terms of the health and safety capabilities of their business, compared with others in the market.


“With health and safety becoming such a critical value driver for businesses, that’s really important information to have,” says co-founder of Safe365, Nathan Hight.


Mr Hight says now that Safe365 has a “critical mass of businesses on board,” his team is able to start looking at the data gathered from the businesses and analysing it, then reporting that data back to their clients to give an insight about how their business is, relative to the market.


“For example, if I log in and complete my assessment and find out that I’m 35 percent in terms of my Safe365 index, the benchmarking data starts to put that in perspective a little bit.


“For example, if the average initial assessment is 45 percent I can tell whether I’m a little bit off the pace for the average assessment, or above it, whatever the case may be.”


“Customers think it’s great,” says Mr Hight.  “It gives many of them a sense of comfort to know they’re ahead of the game.  For others it gives them a focus on what they need to do, how far off the pace they are and how they can prioritise health and safety improvements.”


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