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Harness your data with Power BI

Safe365 has developed a Power BI template that allows you to visualise and interpret the data coming in from the Safe365 app.

As well as being able to analyse trends, this should make your monthly reporting easier!


Insights Centre

To accommodate the introduction of Power BI reporting, we have redesigned our Reports Centre and created an Insights Centre.

From there, you can download and connect the Power BI template, as well as continue to access your Safe365 Assessment reports and Benchmarking data.


Other Product Enhancements

  • Added Connection Code to Contractor export within Contractor Connect.
  • Allowed the ability to remove users with completed actions assigned to them.
  • Added condition to show the Red Expiry Clock for insurance where any certificate has expired on Contractor Connect Dashboard.


  • Powerful Insights with Power BI
  • Make Monthly Reporting Easier
May 16 2023

Products Update March 2023

We have been working on a large range of improvements and fixes for this release.



  • Added the ability for admins to change the owner of Actions within their organisation
  • Added functionality to link checklists to Actions


Performance Console

  • Added the ability to create actions against all submitted reports in the performance console
  • Added the ability to create actions and notes against Survey results
  • Site QR Scan notifications added


Safe365 App

Released iOS and Android app version 3.6.3 which includes:

  • Assists with an issue where some Samsung users with Grammarly active experience the app crashing when large bodies of text are entered
  • Fixes issue with iOS and Android which stopped reading Checklist QR codes
  • Added functionality for app to receive notifications


Contractor Connect

  • Allow the ability to upload the Tōtika report in addition to the certificate
  • Restrict the insurance ’cover amount’ field to only accept numbers


General Improvements

  • Remove the ‘Dashboard’ menu when only one subscription is active
  • Added paging to Action workspace and Contractor Connect dashboard
  • Allow the ability to add notes to Safety Index assessment questions without them being answered




General Fixes

  • Aggregated Child profiles to show aggregated Safety Index in Enterprise Connect
  • Fix issue where Qualify365 reports are displaying the wrong date
Mar 13 2023

Product Updates for October

Our October release has a number of improvements and fixes across the platform.


Enterprise Connect

  • Aggregated Profile shows progress percentage
  • Improve performance when loading many dashboards
  • Improve historic graph export to handle exporting when there are many dashboards



  • The Action Creater now displays in the Action Widget
  • Show the email addresses of assigned users on hover
  • Improved display and alignment of buttons in Actions Widget



  • Added Notification Settings in the 'Your Profile' screen to enable the user to select the method of receiving notifications. Currently Email and Web are available


Performance Console

  • Site management filter improvements and alignment of export to on-screen filters
  • Archived reports can be viewed and exported
Oct 31 2022

Manage workflows across the Safe365 platform

Safe365 has released its 'Actions' and 'Workflow' feature sets. 


What is 'Actions'?

  • 'Actions' is a wizard that can be activated across the platform. Any user can create and assign an action as long as the assignee is a Safe365 user for the same organisation/profile.
  • An action is any specific piece of work that someone needs to complete within the organisation, normally by a deadline.
  • Actions can be set up as one-time only or as repeating tasks that need to be completed.
  • Documents can be uploaded against an action for easy reference (such as policy to review or risk assessment etc)
  • Once set up, the assignee will be sent a notification that they have been assigned an action.
  • Users can view and undertake work against actions within a new dashboard feature called 'Workspace'


What is 'Workspace'

  • Workspace is where all of a users actions are listed, with summary information visible at the dashboard level.
  • A user can select an action and within the action, collaborate with other assignees on the action 'thread'.
  • Once the user has completed the action, they can adjust its status to 'completed for review'
  • The action owner is then notified, can view the action and mark it as 'completed and closed' (or change it back to 'for completion' if further work is required).
  • Admin users can view all assignee 'actions' within the Admin workspace. Workers can only see actions assigned to them, or actions they have initiated and are the 'owner' of.

Workers can now complete incident reporting via the website

  • All users can now use their existing credential to log in to the Safe365 website and complete an incident report via website.
  • The user flow mirrors the existing incident reports available via smartphone app.
  • When 'worker' role-level users log in, they have a new dashboard with a shortcut to initiate an incident report.
  • The data from incident reports will appear in the Performance Dashboard the same as any reports generated via the smartphone app. 

Changes to web-app navigational menu with new 'dashboard sub-menu'

  • To accommodate the new features being released into the platform, the main navigation menu that sits across the top of the screen when logged in has a slightly new look and feel.
  • 'Workspace' is now visible to all users - clicking on this link will open the user's workspace page.
  • A new sub-menu has been created under 'Dashboards' with all three dashboards (Safety Index, Performance and Supply Chain dashboards) all accessed via the drop-down menu options. 

If you would like more information, please contact support@safe365global.com and the team will be happy to assist users with this important new feature set.

  • Set up and assign actions or tasks to other users
  • Manage actions assigned to you and ensure key health & safety activities are completed as required
  • Complete incident reports via the website for all users
  • Get notified when actions are assigned to users and then when they are closed out
Sep 22 2022

Safe365 Brings you Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect is here to bring all your data together from multiple Safe365 Organisations


What is Enterprise Connect?

Enterprise Connect allows the connection of multiple Safe365 organisations into one space, where the Safety Maturity assessment and Performace Console data is all aggregated together. This enables the ability to work from one organisation, and view data from all connected organisations allowing for company overview reporting.


Safety Maturity Assessments

  • Safety Maturity assessments are aggregated together to get a company as a whole starburst. This helps identify the areas where your business has good safety capability, as well as where you can implement plans of work across your business to lift capability
  • All individual assessments are shown on screen for you to be able to compare business units with ease
  • Assessment scores for all connected organisations is exportable, along with their original scores showing growth over time


Performance Console

  • All Incident reports, Risk reports and Safety Observations from all business units can be viewed, reported on, or interacted with from the one place
  • All submissions can be exported for more detailed reporting


If you are interested in Enterprise Connect get in touch with the team on sales@safe365global.com.


Aug 01 2022 FIND OUT MORE

Product Updates for July 2022

Additional Features and Product Improvements for Safe365


Performance Console

  • Incident Reporting from the Web, allowing users that currently have access to the web platform can complete incident reports from a PC/Laptop.
  • Ability to share custom Survey templates with other organisations that you have access to, allowing surveys to be created once and shared across an organisation.


Contractor Connect

  • Full Alerts for both Contractors and Clients as to any underlying data having been changed.
  • Allow Contractor Reviews to be published, so they become visible to the Contractor.
  • Bug fix in toggle control use, and insurance icon.


Other Product Enhancements

  • Standardisation of all Add Note Popups
  • A variety of minor enhancements and improvements and fixes throughout


Jul 21 2022

Welcome to Contractor Connect!


Contractor Connect Is Here


Contractor Connect is our world-class digital supply chain management extension driving safety and risk leadership, improving legal compliance and generating safer behaviours across your supply chain.

Contractor Connect provides real-time, up to date, contractor insights & transparency to Supply Chain Owners.

For Supply Chain Owners:

Access the latest documentation and health and safety practice compliance by any contractor at any time. View their pre-qualification, safety maturity status, insurance documents, health and safety training dates and see what is missing or out of date at a glance.

Supply Chain Owner Dashboard includes:

  • Alerts! Any time something changes, the alert triggers to show what has changed.
  • Whether the contractor's prequalification is valid and uploaded
  • Whether the contractor's insurance is valid and uploaded
  • The contractor's Safe365 Safety Maturity Index (if using Safe365)
  • File sharing between the Contractor and Supply Chain Owner


For Contractors:

A Free Contractor Connect Profile any contractor can sign up for that can be shared with any number of Supply Chain Owners.

They can access to the information about the Supply Chain Owner and have a dashboard showing all Supply Chain Owners they are sharing their data to.

The Contractor Connect Profile allows contractors to upload and share:

  • Information and an overview of their business
  • Contact information
  • Prequalification information and supporting certificates from any provider
  • Insurance information and supporting certificates
  • File sharing between the Contractor and each Supply Chain Owner
  • Reviews between them and each Supply Chain Owner

For more information go here: https://cc.safe365global.com




Apr 01 2022 FIND OUT MORE

Contractor Connect Phase 2 updates - 25 May 2022


Contractor Connect: Phase 2 Updates


  • Additional enhancements for International organisations
  • Added ability to set a custom contact between Supply Chain Owner/Contractor organisation
  • Brought through SAfe365 Safety Maturity Index Change over time graph
  • PreQual tab - improved date handling, improved field validations
  • Added Contractor Certifications to allow uploading of other certifications
  • A new demo default Contractor gets added to the Contractor list when a client creates a new CC Code. 
  • Added a new onboarding template download to get started
  • Contractors can be approved by Supply Chain Owners and filtering by 'Approved Contractor' was added to the dashboard
  • Added Approved Contractor tag which shows on the dashboard
  • Added explaining text in PreQual and Insurance tabs
  • Supply Chain Owner / Contractor dashboard now can be sorted on all dashboard columns
  • Supply Chain Owner / Contractor search reset button to reset filters and search data quickly
  • New Project filter of "All" to see all contractors rather than by project/workstream.
  • Email icon on dashboard disabled if an email has not been added 
  • Confirm delete on connections and codes before removal
  • Info icon on Dashboard to describe dashboard icons
  • All Contractor Connect subscribers can upload PreQual info - including Qualify365 (automatically picks up a completed Qualify365 assessment of course), and all other Client plans, so contractors can see their clients certifications.
  • Added Tier tags to the dashboard with hover over to show connections via parent subcontractors 
  • New Red clock icon for expired PreQual
  • The industry field in the Contractor Connect profile is now read only and picks up the industry from the organisation profile
  • Tab formatting for each to keep consistent - alignments and font sizes and so on - cleaner look
  • Files tab - added comment conversations
  • A number of other minor improvements and fixes



Other Product Enhancements:


  • Assessment notes - users can upload files against each. A new icon in the notes table to show a file exists.
  • Question explainer text is now able to be viewed on the question when navigated to it after it has been already answered. Just use the Learn more pull down.


May 25 2022 FIND OUT MORE

New Mobile App Release - Single Sign On for Azure Active Directory

Mobile App - Sign In with Microsoft AAD

This release includes customer-driven improvements to the Safe365 smartphone app to cater for SSO with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) along with some minor fixes and improvements.

Single Sign on for Mobile Application

  • As already exists for the Safe365 Web Application, users can now log in with Microsoft on the Safe365 Mobile Application. This aligns the user journey and credential management with the Safe365 Web Application, enabling the same single sign-on credential for both Web and Mobile to improve user experience, client access control requirements and security protocols. Users & System Admins - please check with your Active Director Administrator to make sure SSO is enabled for your organisation.
  • If you currently log in with Microsoft on the web application, and you use the Safe365 mobile app with the same email address (username), you can now use the 'Login with Microsoft' feature on the Safe365 Mobile app, and your account will be linked to your existing email / password user account.

Improvement to In-App User Invitations - Mobile Application

  • Pending invitations to 'invite new users' now show as an alert on the invited user's Safe365 smartphone application dashboard. The invited user can 'accept' or 'decline' each invitation from within the 'Organisation' selection screen. This provides a more seamless process for onboarding new users as there is no longer a requirement for the invited user to log in to the Safe365 web application to accept new invitations.

If you have any problems or issues, please ask your organisations Safe365 system administrator or submit your query to support@safe365global.com .


Mar 16 2022

Scheduled Web App Release - Custom Survey's and Enhanced Data Visibility

New features & upgrades in this release:

Performance Console:

  • Survey: New feature! Now you can create and deploy your own custom surveys. First, create and edit your own survey template (which you can use again as often as you want), then deploy from the web console to connected app users when ready!
  • Visibility, sorting and filtering of data: Improvements made to support easier data visibility including single-click sorting of each column on all on-screen dashboards, reports and tables, filtering on all dashboards, reports and tables.
  • Record archiving: Ability to archive records so they are not visible in daily use, but still able to be view if required. Users can also change the new filter to view and recall 'Archived' records.   
  • Site Management: 'Status' feature added to each 'Site', giving the ability to disable a site and re-enable as required.

Safe365 Maturity Assessment:

  • Upgrades to question formats and improvements to dates and column names in CSV extracts of the 'Historic Index' audit log

Qualify365 PreQual

  • Optional Modules: For CAT1, 2, 3: New optional modules deployed for Qualify365 - Principal Contractors and Principal Designers. Each assessment has settings to toggle these modules on or off as required (previously we included in all assessments as default).


If you have any problems or issues, please ask your organisations Safe365 system administrator or submit your query to support@safe365global.com .


Mar 07 2022

Safe365 Mobile App Release: 15 December 2021

Upgrades to Safe365 checklist feature: QR code activation, add files to checklists and custom notification protocols. 


  • This new version of the Safe365 mobile app has the ability to scan checklist QR codes, and open file attachments stored in a checklist.

QR Codes for Checklists

  • When the user scans a Safe365 checklist QR code, the mobile app will take the user directly into the checklist to complete it rather than the user navigating to checklists on the mobile app, finding it and starting the checklist. 
  • The setup for this feature is from within the Safe365 Performance Console, and then from the specific checklist 'action' menu. There is a 'download QR code' option for each checklist.
  • There is an additional setting in the checklist settings, to enable the checklist to be publicly available via the Safe365 QR scanner on the mobile app. This will enable Safe365 users external to your organisation to scan and complete the checklist without being pre-approved as a 'user' within your organisation (such as a contractor).
  • Within the Performance Console, the submitted checklist reports show where an external user has submitted a checklist report.

File Attachments for Checklists

  • Files can now be added to a checklist, either at the top level and/or for individual questions/items.
  • While the feature allows all file types, Safe365 recommends customers use PDF (documents) or JPEG (images) file types. This is because the range of smart devices users have will each render other file types (such as MS Word, MS PPT, MS Excel etc) differently and this will impact on their user experience. 
  • The files feature is managed via setup in the checklist editor. Add a file or files at the checklist level, or drill down on specific question items, and add files there also.
  • You can put a more user friendly name against the file to display on the app, and remove the file if it is no longer needed.
  • Once setup, checklist files will be available from the mobile app to view during the completion of a checklist. 

Custom Notifications for Checklists

  • Within the checklist editor, users can now configure notifications to be sent via email for each checklist (previously this was only available as a 'catch all' for ALL checklists within the settings area in the Performance Console. The original feature remains, this new feature provides additional flexibility to users who want certain people to be notified only for certain checklist reports. 

If you have any problems or issues, please ask your organisations Safe365 system administrator or submit your query to support@safe365global.com .

Dec 15 2021

Scheduled Release 5 Dec 2021

New features & upgrades in this release:

Maturity Assessment:

  • Assessment 'historic safety index' chart (main dashboard) - interactive analytics upgrade released.
  • Click on each change to view an in-depth view of changes, when, who, and what changed
  • Improved 'historic safety index' chart to show when the assessment was completed, along with each change after that.
  • Report Centre update to include a full audit history download of maturity assessment changes, by user, date. (CSV / JSON)

Performance Console:

  • Overview Screen: Updated layout and tile style released to enable additional tiles to be added, simplification of tile naming.
  • Overview Screen: New activity log feature release to display real-time inbound data from app users, with the last 100 actions that can be clicked and drilled into as a rapid discovery feature.
  • Incidents: Sorting has been implemented on each column to assist with easy filtering of data/records, coming soon for the rest of the performance console pages.
  • Checklists: Specific checklist notifications can now be set per individual checklist, for multiple email addresses. The original checklist notification configuration in settings is still in use for receiving all checklist notifications.   
  • Checklist: 'New' and 'Edit' buttons layout restyled and improved for easier navigation when creating or editing checklists.


  • Customer experience: A new email at the end of the process now gets triggered and sends out the reports and certification documents to the customer. Customers can still log in and access the files at any stage.

Mobile app (new version coming very soon):

  • A new release is imminent that will enable users to add attachements/files to checklists to increase capability of the checklist feature set.
  • A new release is imminent that will enable customers to activate any checklist via QR scanner on the Safe365 app, enabling access to selected checklists for users outside the customers 'user' group (i.e. contractors or visitors). 
  • All of the web application requirements for these upgrades is complete and will be activate once the updated mobile app release is available for customers via the app stores in December 2021.


Dec 06 2021

Scheduled Release 29 Oct 2021

New Features:

Maturity Assessment:

  • Assessment historic safety index chart (main dashboard) - new hover over with % change. (Drill down log coming soon)
  • Assessment notification email occasional failure issue sorted

Performance Console:

  • All screens: Updated layout and style of actions and improved title layout
  • Checklists: Allowed for multiple emails to be input for Checklist escalations   
  • Checklist: PDF Checklist reporting, improved layout for multi-selection and multi-choice showing what all of the items available were and what was selected. Also improved the web report view to match. 
  • Site: Added phone number and email to the form and added to CSV / JSON exports
  • Site: A large amount of visual updates, rearranged and reformatted page.. improved column headers and layout.
  • Site: New feature to Email visitor directly from the form and email all visitors from actions button.
  • Site: New sign in and out icons for faster recognition.
  • Fixed issue on the checklist share click magnify glass search icon. 


  • Improved flow between the assessment and organisational profile collection requirements.
  • Validation and search on NZ Business Number field
  • Fixed issue where the name on Qualify365 certifications was not taking the certification name field detail


  • Public API: Now contains full Performance data retrieval

Mobile app (v3.1.0):

  • Updated to be compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS due out in Spring.
  • Minor issue with location on some devices resolved
  • Safety member list issue fixed


Oct 29 2021

Scheduled Release - New User features and JSON Exports

New Features:


  • Bulk Import of Users by CSV with a downloadable template to get started with. Load in users - and each will get sent an invite to the organisation for the role assigned. This feature simplifies rollouts for larger organisations covering both Web and Mobile app users.
  • Search / Filter of Users by name or email
  • Pagination and Ordered by role

Performance Console:

  • Full JSON export option alongside CSV for data exporting in all areas. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. Great for use with PowerBI or Google Data Studio if the CSV format is not quite cutting it. CSV is still an easier import option for using with MS Excel.
  • Removal of all App User Pending / Approval / Delete functions as everything is driven from the Users menu. Add a new user as a Worker for Mobile-only access.

Mobile app (v3.0.3):

  • Show if an email address already has an account on the first page of registration.
  • Display the version number at the bottom of the welcome screen (under Login and Register buttons)
  • Keep Android audio recording running if the app goes into the background.
  • Overall improvements when submitting reports



May 28 2021

New Mobile App - Single Password across all Apps

Safe365 Mobile App User Update April 2021: Version 3.0 Release Notes

  • The ability to 'switch' between multiple organisations via the Safe365 mobile app is included in the Safe365 version 3 mobile app to be released end of April 2021. 
  • The release also includes an upgrade so users will have one user login for both the Safe365 mobile app and Safe365 website to make it easier for users to log in on either platform, while also setting up the technology for a 'browser-based reporting' release later in 2021.
  • Enhancements to data security protocols to further protect user and organisation data
  • Depending on your mobile device, the Safe365 mobile app upgrade to version 3 should be automatic unless you have disabled automatic app updates. If you have disabled automatic app updates, visit the app store after 1 May 2021, search 'Safe365' and install the updated version on your device.

Release Notes
At the end of April 2021, Safe365 will release a new version of the Safe365 mobile app (version 3.0).

This is an important release that includes some major enhancements being available in the new version.

Multi-Organisation access – switch on the go from the mobile app!

The new version 3.0 mobile app will give users the ability to ‘switch’ between different organisations they have access to. 

If you get invited to join another organisation by email, once you accept that invitation by clicking on the invitation link in the email, the organisation will become available in your organisation list on the Safe365 mobile app.

To switch between organisations, log in on the mobile app, tap the admin menu (white circle icon, top right on the app home screen), click ‘Change Organisation’, and select the desired organisation from your approved list and you will be then switched to that organisation. You will then have access to that organisations checklists and any reports completed on the mobile app will be submitted to the organisation you are currently switched to.

You can check at any time which organisation you are currently switched to by looking under your name on the Safe365 mobile app home screen where it says “Connected to:”.

One login for mobile app and Safe365 website 

Safe365 is aligning the Safe365 mobile app password to the Safe365 web application password, meaning users will only have one set of credentials to use both web and mobile applications.
If you are a Safe365 mobile app user only, nothing will change when your Safe365 app upgrades to version 3. Continue to use your existing email and password to access the Safe365 mobile app.

If you are a Safe365 mobile app user and also have access to the Safe365 website app on the same email address (username), after upgrading your mobile app to version 3, you will simply login with your website password, whether on mobile app or website.

If you are not sure or have any issues with logging in on the Safe365 mobile app, the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login screen can be used, and this will reset your password for both the Safe365 mobile app and Safe365 web app logins for that email address.

If you have any problems or issues, please ask your organisations Safe365 system administrator or submit your query to support@safe365global.com .

May 03 2021

Site Management / QR Code: Feature Release

Site Management via QR Code

This new feature gives an organisation the ability to manage and maintain real-time visibility of site sign-in and sign-outs and presents the visitor (worker, contractor or other third parties) with key information such as key access, site risk/hazard information, and other site requirements before entering the site. 

Site Management contains these new features

  • Brand new feature release to manage site sign-ins and sign-outs for real-time visibility of site activity such as team member or contractor site entry/exit.
  • New "Site Management" menu item within the Performance console left-hand navigation menu
  • Set up multiple sites, each with a description (i.e. the Site Name and Address) and notes (such as site safety requirements)
  • Once a site is set up, the user can generate a unique QR code graphic that users in the field scan with the Safe365 smartphone app
  • The organisation displays the QR code up at the desired site location
  • The Safe365 smartphone app (v2.1) now has a QR Code reader, accessed via the white QR code icon on the top left of the home screen/dashboard
  • When a smartphone user scans the QR code, it will display the site information and the user taps whether they are signing in or signing out of the site. This data is instantly transmitted to the organisations' performance console.
  • Within the performance console, within each site, organisations can see a log of all sign-in and sign-outs by the user, employer, time & date. This data can also be exported using the CSV extract feature for internal reporting requirements.
  • QR codes can be scanned and used by anyone with the Safe365 smartphone app and do not require digital 'approval' in order to access this feature.
  • QR Scanner for site sign in and sign outs
  • Real-time visibility of remote site contractor site access
Mar 31 2021

Performance Console 2.0 Release

Safe365 has released its next-generation performance console which includes multiple feature upgrades and overall improvements to the user experience including:

  • User interface improvements on all screens to increase feature simplicity for performance console users
  • Enhanced security protocols and console speed improvements
  • International date handling to improve report output accuracy & tracking
  • CSV data export speed improvements
  • Enhanced use logs on notes thread within the incident, risk/hazard, safety observation and checklist result records
  • CSV exports now contain all associated media and all notes for the record vertically for an enhanced user experience 
  • Added delete confirmation on all performance console delete buttons so users have a fail-safe for unintended delete clicks
  • New survey response rate tile on the performance console dashboard
  • App user training & qualifications recorded on Safe365 smartphone app user profile now included in 'App User CSV extract' for rapid visibility of user health & safety training and qualifications.

Checklist Zone 

Within this release, the first of a number of improvements to the checklist zone have been included with additional improvements coming in released throughout 2021 based on user feedback from the Safe365 user community. Improvements to the checklist zone within this release include:

  • A new status icon on the checklist zone home screen to show there is new data/records submitted for the checklist
  • New 'Clone and Edit' feature for all checklists to allow a user to copy an existing checklist which can then be named, edited, and saved, significantly reducing time to set up repetitive/similar checklists within the account.
  • A new alert to show escalated / non-compliant / unsafe checklist responses to ensure rapid management visibility of urgent reports
  • CSV export now includes all notes and actions associated with risk, hazard/risk, checklist response, or safety observation records
  • CSV export now includes full address not just Lat / Long for easier tracking when exporting data for customer reporting requirements
  • CSV export now includes full checklist questions for enhanced customer experience when exporting checklist data. The CSV extracts now include 'description' before the associated data for easier interpretation.
  • Online record viewer now shows full checklist question/description/requirement for better tracking, report interpretation and management action
  • Checklist instant PDF reports shows full question/description/requirement for a more complete user experience when reading PDF reports.
  • Minor fixes to display text
  • Notes and corrective actions now record user details and time/date stamps against each thread item for better tracking and internal audit of health and safety practices. 
  • NEW next generation performance console
  • Simpler, easier and more intuitive than ever before!
  • New features released to the popular Safe365 checklist zone"!
Mar 31 2021

Safe365 Smartphone App - Release v2.1

As part of the Site Management feature release, we have released a new mobile app for Android and iOS.

New features on the Safe365 smartphone app include:

  • New QR Code Scanner feature, accessed by tapping the QR code icon on the top left in the app home screen/dashboard
  • Click the QR Code icon, and the scanner opens, the user holds the scanner up to the QR code presented at the applicable site 
  • Once scanned, the user is presented with a site description/address, site notes/requirements, and a prompt to sign-in or sign-out
  • The user can sign in or sign out and will receive a confirmation notification on the app that this has been successfully completed
  • The activity log on the app home screen will show the sign-in or sign-out action
  • The release includes and updates to date picker and video functions within the app to optimize the user experience
  • Further software maintenance updates
  • Removed the gender field from registration and profile



  • QR Code scanner added to Safe365 smartphone app
  • Rapid site sign-in and sign-out
Mar 31 2021

Scheduled Web App Release - Quality365 and User Experience Improvements

New Features
  • Full and Summary reports which are built upon finalisation of a Qualify365 Assessment
  • New Tōtika reminder on the Qualify365 Profile page to remind users to register with Tōtika
  • Qualify365 Profile now includes risk activities for CAT 2 and CAT 3 which enables users to select the specific risks that apply to their organisation
  • New Verifier abilities for the evaluation process

Fixes and Admin
  • Updates to enable a new mobile app version coming very soon
  • Support tooling enhancements 
  • Various fixes for a better user experience
Feb 25 2021

Qualify365 feature set release


Safe365 has released its new Qualify365 health and safety pre-qualification feature set. The new paid feature enables customers to purchase one of four Qualify365 products based on their size and risk profile. Clients provide responses to the question set and upload evidence to support their responses. Safe365 have certified assessors who then grade the assessment and provide feedback to the customer so they can improve. At the conclusion of the process, the client receives a final grading, a Totika and Qualify365 pre-qualification certification. Customers can then use the certification with many clients as part of procurement requirements. 

  • Totika approved pre-qualification assessment
  • Compliment Safe365 safety maturity with a Qualify365 pre-qualification assessment
  • Assessed by qualified health and safety professionals with constructive improvement feedback provided
Dec 09 2020

Improvements to profile page including logo upload

Safe365 has released an upgrade to the company profile page within the web app. Additional fields have been included to improve the quality and granularity of benchmarking data we provide to our customers and to accommodate requirements under the Totika standard as part of Qualify365.

The release also includes a logo uploader so customers can upload their company logo which is then used for reports and certifications the Safe365 platform generates, providing a customised look and feel to these documents.

  • Upload company logo
  • Improved benchmarking data and insights
Sep 25 2020

COVID-19 Checklist Release

To support users through the impacts of COVID-19, Safe365 has developed and released a suite of template checklists. These include working from home worker self-checks, construction templates and FMCG templates.  The checklists are available on the checklist zone on the performance console when logged in. To activate any of the templates, simply click 'active' into the green position and the checklist will be visible to smartphone app users. 

  • COVID-19 worker daily self-screening template
  • Working from home set up & risk assessment template
  • Construction Manager COVID-19 checklist
Apr 08 2020

SSO for AAD available for Custom Plan customers

Customers on Safe365 Custom Plans may now opt to upgrade to single sign-on for Azure Active Directory (AAD) to support customer credential management. If you are an existing customer and wish to implement SSO for AAD, please contact support@safe365global.com.

May 29 2020


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