Online Training and Certification with Safe365 University™



  • Practical, applied online learning

  • Learn how to use modern digital #safetytech tools

  • Gain a free product certification on Safe365 



Safe365 University is an informative, online eLearning portal that provides engaging product training and certification on Safe365 methodology and software.

This learning solution is available to anyone, free of charge, who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Safe365's digital suite of tools and how you can use all of the features in Safe365 to unlock maximum value for your business or, if you are part of the Safe365 partner community, to maximize outcomes & service standards for your clients.

Safe365 University is your chance to maximise utilization of Safe365 by using your existing health & safety theory and experience and implementing it via a practical, digital tool. 

The Certified Safe365 Practitioner course is underpinned by approx. five hours of online learning comprised of videos, podcasts, written material and practical walk-through experiences & exercises on Safe365. The learning program takes a user through the origins of Safe365, its philosophies, all the key features, how to facilitate or complete a maturity assessment on the platform and some masterclasses for highly popular features such as the checklist tool on the Safe365 smartphone app. After working through the content modules and completing the end of program test, the user has a certificate generated on the platform which is loaded onto the user’s personal profile. 

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"The Certified Safe365 Practitioner Course has something for everyone. Safe365 University will give you the confidence to maximise the benefits of our system within your organisation" Elena Keegan - Head of Customer Success